how tall are you :P??

5”10 bby

soo your not writtung FNL anymore

I haven’t fully decided part of me wants too

How old r u?



There’s been so much going on for like the past couple months. But main thing you I know you care about is why FNL hasn’t it been updated! The reason is the original storyline belongs to my friend she was kind of stuck and just knew she want to do a drama in love college athletes! She had the name for the show And just knew she wanted the lead guy to be from a different country and come over here and just Kinda dominate the sport! So basically Harry’s backstory …was her idea ! Like with his parents getting a divorce and them moving back to the states and him doing football for fun like that was all her idea ! Buttt that was all she had …And after those pictures came out of Harry in those Football jerseys back on the last tour I was inspired! I asked her if it was okay if I used her original outline and just kind of put my own twist on it! She was …so I did….a couple months into my version she wrote her version. She found out a couple months ago that there are some producers interested in her work she’s written multiple scripts but this is one of the ones that are interested! Obviously I’m talking to her version not mine…. But the point is even though she was still perfectly fine with me writing my version I kind of felt weird writing a fanfic based off of an idea that might end up on your TV screen next year…so that’s my delima

again nothing to do with her though because everything else in my version was completely original so she’s perfectly fine with me writing but I think it also has to do with the fact that I’ve lost interest in the boys a lot in the past year also you guys know I was already very removed from the fandom anyway so it’s been hard for me to be inspired to write! Idk I’m also just so busy rnnn I told myself I’d try and write some mini imagines soon

Hiyaa pleaseeee tell me you're updating FNL this weekend? I literally discovered FNL last week and I think I've read it like 5 times since then haha! I can't wait to see how you finish it and I'm SO glad missy and Harry are still together they're like my fave couple ever!!!

Ugh idk about that babe! I just made a post you can go read though

What happened to the chapter of FNL with the show case? its not there anymore! 10 is where they talk about the show case at the end... and 11 is at the leaving from the show case?

Ummm wait there was another one after that ? And I just made a FNL post

sooo did you like die #WEWANTFNL

Ikkk baby ik I just made a post go read

I originally wanted the sneak peek to get a certian amount of likes before I posted butttt I’ll still post :)