(8,300 words this time…two smut scenes but there a little shorter than usual. This one has a lot more “story” if that makes sense. It diffidently sets up the storyline for most of the main characters and kind of gives you an idea of where you can expect their stories to go once the school year starts. Which will start in chapters 5/6)



I woke up to the feeling of his fingers running through the back of my hair. His chin was rested on the top of my head while, my head was lying on his bare chest. I could feel his chest rise and fall slowly; to be honest I think I could actually feel him playing in my hair, like even in my sleep. I just didn’t wake up…. “Its barley 9 no one’s up yet, the house is still completely dead…” my vision was blurry but I felt my senses kick in at the sound of his voice. His tone just as deep and gravely as usual but I could tell he’d be awake for a while. I let out a deep breath through my nose, letting the air hit his chest. “Have you even been to sleep yet?” My voice still sounding horse from last night and he picked up on it, I heard him scoff in amusement as I raised my head up slowly to look at him. He licked his lips slowly and smiled down at me, he placed his hand on the side of my neck. Gently running his thumb along my throat “Someone’s voice is tired…..You might wanna rest that. Wouldn’t want to be the reason our star cheerleader can’t speak.” He smirked down at me as he ran his thumb along my bottom lip pulling it down slightly, before he leaned in for a kiss. Letting his tongue meet mine slowly, I could still taste myself on his tongue and I’m sure he could with me as well. I still loved the feeling of his piercing against my tongue. The kiss was slow, it felt like I was moving in slow motion actually. He cupped the back of my head with one hand and pulled the sheet down a little. Running his hand down my side before caressing my hip, placing it around his waist. He pulled back from the kiss slowly and bit down on his plump pink lips “Maybe 3 hours…” It took me a minute to realize what he meant but once I did l let out a deep sigh against his lips. His eyes were locked with mine, they looked really blue for some reason, and I moved my fingers into his hair slowly massaging his scalp slowly. “You need to get some sleep, the last thing you wanna do is go into the game exhausted. I’m gonna go downstairs and wake up the girls so we can make you guys breakfast. Then after that where gonna leave, because when Van comes back at 12 where techonlly not supposed to be here. But after you eat I just really want you to sleep…k? Can you please do that for me?” I sat up and he ran is tongue alone his teeth slowly before abruptly grabbing me by my waist and pulled me on top of hip. He cupped the back of my neck tight brining my face down to his…”May….be” His voice dropped again, he knew how to get to me. He arched up into me slowly letting his lips meet mine, as I started to grind my body into his. I realized this couldn’t go any further because I needed to get downstairs and he needed to sleep. Right at that moment I heard my phone go off it was no doubt a morning “wake up” text for the cheerleaders. I pulled back from him trying to get out of the bed “I can’t, we can’t right now I need to-“ His lips met mine again and he pulled my body in even closer this time “You don’t need to go anywhere…I like you right….here”


He had his arms locked around my waist and I pulled back staring down at him. God there is NO reason that anybody should look this damn god this early in the morning. I moved my hand down his stomach slowly until my fingers grazed the tip of his length. I could feel him getting harder against my thigh by the second; I licked my palm before I took him in my hand. My lips connected back to his as I started to stoke his length slowly, I heard him moan against my tongue. Twisting my hand up and down slowly pressing my thumb to his tip. His breathing hiked up, I could tell it was just getting better and better for him because of the way he kissed me. He had the back of my neck tight and the kisses got more intense, more passionate the closer he got. He was trying to hold back his moans but it failed and that made me extremely happy. There is nothing sexier than a man not being able to contain the way you’re making him feel.  I started to speed up my pace, my lips still not leaving his. I felt him bit down on my bottom lip “baby….” His voice was so winded….I could feel how close he was. I pulled back and slid down his body taking him in my mouth “Fuck” He gripped the back of my hair tight “Yes, fuck baby its soo good just like-“ his words got caught in his throat. He was already super close before I went down on him I just didn’t have patience to wait. He started bucking his hips up slightly, I felt him grip my hair tighter as he came hard for me. I pulled his length back laying it flat on his stomach licking him from base to tip and his body jerked in reaction. His chest was red, his breathing uneasy, I kissed up his stomach and once I got to his chest he grabbed my head and kissed me deep, strong. I heard my phone go off again and he growled against my tongue “I have to go downstairs….try and sleep for a minute…”  I slid off the bed, looking down in my bag and getting out my cheer shorts and a t-shirt. Not even bothering to put on a bra I didn’t care to be honest plus my hair, was long enough, anyway…I grabbed my tooth brush holder out of the bag before I moved over to the door. He turned over slowly letting those deadly eyes that where appearing very blue at the moment meet mine. “What?” I asked confused as to why he was staring at me and he didn’t respond. He just shook his head , I walked towards the door opening it slowly and right as I went to close it behind me  I heard “I don’t like salt in my eggs!!!” I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his comment peeping my head back in the door only to find him smiling back at me. Those extremely deep dimples on display he looked like a big kid “You get what you get!!” I snapped back at him playfully “But I’m like Beyoncé sooooo I mean….” I couldn’t help but laugh at his dumbass comments but I was happy he was in a better mood than last night. Some of his nerves had faded away “Nah your Michelle!!” I winked at him and he gasped as if he was actually offended…. “But she’s the rubbish one! Well okay she’s not that bad but I mean come on!!!” I just rolled my eyes ignoring him as I shut the door behind me hearing him yell through the door “Well can I at least be Kelly!?”


I walked down the hall and went into the bathroom and splashed water on my face waking myself up. It was a good thing I didn’t really wear much eye makeup last night or else I would have looked a hot mess this morning. I whipped off the remainder of masquara that smeared from last night before throwing my hair in a ponytail. I brushed my teeth and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I still felt like I was blushing I just felt really happy, but I knew this feeling would be short lived. Because once school starts and all of the other college girls get their eyes on him, I already know that same cocky side that I got a glimpse of a couple nights ago would come out again.  But who knows maybe we could try the whole FWB thing and see how it works out. I honestly didn’t even wanna think that far ahead but my brain was just buzzing with the thought. Right now all I need to care about is this game, I feel like as cheerleaders where just as invested in it as the boys are. I walked down the stairs and all I heard was “IT’S FRIDAY, IT’S FRIDAY” It has been far too long since I’ve felt those Friday night lights beaming down on me and the girls. While us and literally thousands of other people in the stands, and millions on TV cheer the boys on. As much as I love being the center of attention when we compete in our competitions there’s nothing like the feeling of cheering the boys on, from the sidelines. Feeding off of their energy, that’s a feeling I will never be able to explain.


When I walked into the kitchen, Meg, Rylie, and 5 other girls on the team where already in the kitchen. Out of the 23 people on the team at least 10 of them spent the night. I’m sure Vikki and her crew stayed but I knew they would not be helping us cook. I’m guessing their where probably around 20 football players still here too. A college football team actually usually has around 45 players but only 11 can play on the field at once and if I’m being honest only around 30 of them really actually play. So we had a little under half of the team still here to cook for. Meg didn’t say anything even though I knew she wanted too. I wasn’t worried though because it wasn’t liked they’d be like “sooooo whose room did you sleep in and did you guys sleep or… “sleep” I don’t know things like that just usually went unsaid, because I’m sure that in all honestly a lot of cheerleaders and football players slept in the same room but maybe only like 4 of them actually hooked up last night. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen because it diffidently dose…but I guess it’s just not that big of a deal if that makes sense. Meg smirked at me when I walked into the room and I flicked her off, I recognized her shirt though….like I knew who it belonged too I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the moment. I walked over to help Haley make the eggs when Meg tapped on my collarbone that felt sore for some odd reason. I walked over to the fridge and saw my reflection off of the metal on the oven and I noticed a huge hickey on the collarbone. I let my hair down pulling it all over to my right side and putting it in a low pony. Fanning it out to cover the mark slightly “Oh wait could you not put salt in that batch?” I walked over to Haley who was mixing 5 separate bowls of eggs. I can’t believe I actually remembered that our diva player “Beyoncé Styles” didn’t want salt on his eggs. We made eggs, more pancakes than I had ever seen in my life…both regular and chocolate chip, what felt like a million sausage links/bacon, and grits. Which is not a fan of but it’s diffidently a southern thing that most people in the south love I’m just not one of them. The smell from the food started to wake the boys up. We could hear them start to stir above our heads, all of their heavy footsteps stomping around.  Vikki and her two little wannabees made their way downstairs just as we had basically finished cooking. We were setting out the fruit when they walked in “Well, well, well, what do we have here? I mean I guess once this cheer thing doesn’t work out you could totally be like a prison chief or something.” Liz…who was basically a Vikki wannabe, she was a blonde with disgusting roots and the most annoying stereotypical Southern accent. “Okay well how about I shove this spatula so far up your-“Rylie cut me off before I could finish and I excused myself into the basement to get more ice bags.


The minute I hit the stairs I heard the boys start to make their way downstairs into the kitchen   “NOW THIS is what I’m talking about!” I knew that was Brandon I couldn’t really make out what the other boys where saying. But I could pick Harry’s voice out of the crowd obviously his accent making it a little easier. I heard Meg say something along the lines of “Could you go help Missy with the ice” or something like that, a couple seconds later I heard footsteps behind me. I didn’t even bother to turn around though, he pressed his body against my back letting me feet his body heat. His hand slowly sliding across my stomach as he wrapped his around my waist. Using the other hand to cover my eyes, the cold metal from his rings making me jerk slightly. “Guess who?” he whispered into my ear with a slight chuckled before letting his teeth graze it slightly. He pulled back from me licking his lips slowly “I think the accent gave it away…” I smirked up at him handing him the two bags of ice that felt like they were a million pounds. But of course he carried them up the stairs with ease, I scoffed at him slightly annoyed with how much stronger he was than me “Show off!!” He turned around and looked at me raising his brow at me… “Wow, some ones jealous…sooooo… this must be how Beyoncé feels about when deal with her haters.” He turned around walking up the stairs into the kitchen and I couldn’t help but laugh extremely loud at his ridiculous Beyoncé references. We got upstairs where the rest of the team had already started eating “White boy gets a tan and now he thinks he’s Beyoncé…” I smirked over at him and he just nodded his head almost like he was saying “alright fine, I’ll let you have that one, but this isn’t over…” I passed him the bowl of eggs I placed to the side because they didn’t have salt in them and I watched a smiled creep up his face. He looked over at me and mouthed out “Thank you” and I just nodded back before walking over to the table.

I went upstairs to get my stuff and when I came back Vikki was all in Harry’s face they were just having a conversation but you know how we girls do. When we talk to a guy but where also flirting, so we feel the need to touch their arm/chest a lot when we talk and ECT. As I walked down the stairs towards them I tried to not let how annoyed I was show up on my face. Once Vikki looked up and saw it was me she of course moved even closer to him, “Hey Missy!!!” her tone was too excited and just oozed the fakeness it made me wanna throw up. “Hey…” My tone however reflected exactly how I felt about her, it was bland… no emotions attached. I walked past them and towards the door and he grabbed my wrist “Leaving already love?” there it was…that charming smile again. “Uhh, yeah just wanna go back and shower and sleep in my own bed for a minute.” I smiled back at him while I watched Vikki cling onto his arm like a fucking leach. “Understandable, well can I at least get a hug before you go?” He extended his arms out almost like he forgot Vikki was there, and she unlocked her arm from his. I knew he wouldn’t try anything with Vikki around even though I kinda wished he would because it would break her face. He hugged me tight, because of where we were standing I was facing Vikki when we hugged and she hated every second of it. “Come see me before the game tonight okay?” he whispered against my skin and I nodded before I pulled away and headed for the door. “Bye Missy, OH and don’t forget!!! Lips glossed, and pony’s super high tonight!” she gave me the fakest smile ever but I returned the gesture “You got it!”


I didn’t actually hear from Harry throughout the day, but to be honest I didn’t expect to. It was the first game and coach likes to keep the boys isolated and focused, there was this big press conference at 4 though. It happened every year before the first game, a lot of press comes out, both local and even some people from ESPN, and sports illustrated. The cheer team was obviously invited, and most of us went. I wore a white cotton baby doll dress; it had a fitted corset at the top and flared out at the bottom. It was pretty short paired with a pair of nude strappy heels, added some spiked jewelry though, just so it didn’t look too “girly” straightened my hair and parted it down the middle. Keeping my makeup simple because I’d have to do a serious Smokey eye for the game and didn’t feel like doing my makeup twice. I walked the red carpet and talked to the press, not sure if I mentioned this before but my dad’s and ex quarterback, and now he’s a correspondent for ESPN so it’s safe to say football runs in my blood. My parents recently got caught up in a scandal, well …..My dad cheated and my mom and its only a matter of time before the entire world finds out! My parents are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do about the situation. That’s kinda why I’m happy I’m at school and away from the drama that must be unfolding in that house on the daily.  Once I hit the end of the line all I could hear was “OVER HERE HARRY, BRANDON LOOK THIS WAY, JOSH TURN TO YOUR LEFT, CHRIS LOOK AT ME, KAM THIS WAY!!” Harry, Brandon, Josh, Chris, and Kameron where basically the dream team. They were some of the hottest draft picks on the market Brandon and Kam have been here since their freshman year, Josh and Chris came last year. So adding Harry to the team was just the icing on the cake. The press where going insane for them, I’m surprised they didn’t go blind from all of the flashing camera lights. I had to step back a little to actually see him, but once I did I realized that was a bad idea. He looked flawless but actually ALL five of them did. He was wearing a light blue pinstriped button up, tucked into a pair of skinny jeans. He had his shirt buttoned pretty low exposing the bird tattoos on his toned tanned chest. He licked his lips and turned his head in my direction. To be honest I don’t think he was actually looking for me I just think his eyes needed a break from the flashing lights. But I did manage to grab his eye, he smirked over at me before bring his attention back to the crazed press.


I walked in and took my seat; there was a huge panel set up, most of the team where up there including both coaches. He looked sooooo good in that shirt; he was also beyond charming when he wanted to be, especially with the female reports. Calling them “babe” and “Love” and they LOVED it, but who could blame them, he was very calm, cool, and collected throughout most of the Q&A. He handled himself very well, almost like he’d be doing this for years. That was until that one idiot brought it up, the whole “what is it like to be the only Brit in the league” or “Do you realize all of the people that are going to look up to you, or how many doors you could possibly be opening for people?” I could see it in his eyes he was getting nervous again. Not about the questions just more so thinking about the game, I sent him a text trying to get him to shake it off. “You got this! Remember Beyoncé does NOT get nervous, turn into Sasha Fierce if you have to but you got this!! :D” I watched him look down under the table, to check his phone. Once he read it he tried to hide his outburst by laughing into a sideways fist he made with his hand. But he failed and a nose still made its way out of his mouth causing everyone to look over at him. “Are you okay Harry?” One of the reporters asked and he shook his head smiling over at me. I stuck my tongue out at him making me laugh again. “Uhh, yeah sorry about that what was the question again mate?” He smiled back at the reporter turning right back into his charming self again “It was, how does it feel, knowing that how you do this season could affect other people’s futures?” He took a slight pause before responding “Ummm, I mean….it’s crazy to think that! Ya know? Because I still look at myself as just a normal lad from London who got lucky. It’s crazy to think that other people look up to me….or the fact that…how I preform could possible influence if other people get a chance. But at the end of the day, I do this because I love it sooo….. I mean…I try not to look at it that way…” He shrugged at the end, but he got group applause because he gave an honest answer.


Once the press conference was over I was heading out when I heard the words “Harry, Victoria, Brian THIS WAY!!!” When I looked back to the press line Harry was sandwiched between icky Vikki and her ex running back father Brian Cassidy. Our parents actually never liked each other either, they played for rival teams back in the day but I still tried to give her a fair chance. He was just as calm while the press where going insane, he had this relaxed yet sexy smug look on his face while he chewed his gum slowly. “So Brian what do you think of Harrys chances of making it into the NFL?” A reporter with a strong New York accent shouted out from across the room “I think their damn good! He’s a good player, and not a bad looking kid either…he’d fit in just right on our Christmas cards!” He laughed and so did Vikki leaning into Harry closer. He didn’t really react, he laughed at the comment but that’s about it… “Oh wait so could there be a little romance brewing?” another reporter asked “I’m still single” “You never know!” Harry and Vikki answered at the same time, both of their answers contradicting each other which made me smile a little. But it still wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to use her dad’s legacy to get to Harry, but hopefully he wouldn’t fall for it because her dad was a shitty ass running back anyways. I was totally over the entire event by then so I left, I knew Harry would be to busy to notice anyway.

The game started at 7:30….7:45 technically  Meg and I got ready together in our rooms. Our uniforms where long sleeve on one side and sleeveless on the other, they were royal blue and white, paired with matching shorts that said “Blue devils on the back in gold letters” Our hair was in high ponytails, with a poof in the front and 3 twist on each side. Topping it off with a big gold bow, a Smokey eye and glossed lips. I can’t explain to you the feeling you get as we walked up to the filed on opening night, you could already hear the roar from the crowd. There was traffic for miles, the press where everywhere, every couple of steps people would stop you, both guys and girls. Just wanting pictures, or wanting you to sign something, it was even crazier when the boys showed up they almost needed security. I always get chills when I walk up and see those bright lights beaming down on the field. I feel like people are even more passionate about college football then they are with professional because it’s like Americas pride. We don’t get paid for this we do it because we love it and I think it’s that purity that sets us apart, if that makes any sense. Harry text me and asked if I could meet him in the back locker room, I was headed that way when I saw a black limo pull up. Something told me to wait and see who got out of it and to my surprise it was my dad “DADDY!!?”My eyes got wide and he turned around picking my voice out of the crowd “There’s my princess!” I ran towards him, I missed the sound of his voice, it felt like years since I head that deep Southern accent of his. He picked me up with ease, he was a big man, 6’2 muscular, still in amazing shape for being in his late forty’s. Once the driver closed the door behind him it answered my question, which was if things had gotten any better at home.  “Sooo, where’s mom?” I looked up at him and he looked down at his feet before looking back at me “she uhhh…..she’s coming, I think she’s coming with your aunt actually soo…” He cleared his throat I didn’t really know what to say…I felt bad for him but then again I felt bad for feeling bad because he was the one who cheated. “Well I’ll let you go get ready for the game baby doll! I’ll be up in the box as usual… “Oh my god! It’s Vaughn Desmond!!” I heard a couple people yell so I knew he was about to get ambushed he just retired after this past season. So his fan base was still huge!!! I went to walk off to let him be with his fans “DAD?” he turned around quickly at the sound of my voice “I love you!” I mouthed out with a smile before running back to the locker room to meet Harry.


It was probably 40 minutes before the game started but of course we had to be out there a little earlier that the boys to get the crowd pumped so I didn’t have long. I walked down the hall and he was in one of the back locker rooms, this part of the school had been remodeled so no one really used these rooms too much anymore. He was sitting there half dressed; he had the pants and the leg padding on but not the top half. He was just sitting on the bench in a black tank top with his headphones in. I tapped the wall when I walked in to get his attention, and he looked up at me slowly. Letting a slight smile move up his face, I closed the door behind me and walked over to him.  As I got closer he spread his legs a little giving me room to kneel down in front of him. “Hey….wassup?” He looked to his right before letting his eyes meet mine, leaning his forehead down “My mum, and sister are here” I smiled back at him after he said that because having your family around always helps “YAY!!! Well that’s good right?” He didn’t answer me and I pulled back a little “Styles what’s wrong? Why are you in here and NOT with the other boys…you know they need you right now…” “I know I’m gonna meet them in a minute I just…. Sat here thinking about how crazy it is that I’m even here right now… And it just got to me for a second…” I ran my fingers through his hair and he looked down at his phone, Brandon was calling him. “No don’t worry mate I’ll be down there in 10!!” I stood up and pulled back from him attempting to walk to the door when he grabbed me by my wrist. He pushed his body against mine and I tried to pull away, only because we didn’t have time I needed to be out on that field in 15 minutes.


 “We don’t have time for this! It would take me at least 15 minutes to get you out of those tight ass pants!” I teased and he laughed against my neck, leaving faint kisses “That’s fine, it’s more than enough time for me to have you unraveled at the seams.” His lips moved down to my shoulder and I was already breathless “What?” His eyes met mine as his hands moved to my hips, I felt him slowly start to pull my shorts down “As long as I hear, you scream my name before I go out on that field….I’m good” His voice was making me light headed. He moved his lips over to my neck adding his tongue which gave me chills, causing my chest to rise up slight. Sliding my shorts down he gripped my inner thigh tight before dropping to his knees under me. Pulling my leg tight and placing it on my shoulder giving him complete access. His tongue flicked my clit before he warped his tongue around it, pulling it into his mouth. “Shit…” I already couldn’t breathe, the extra….spark his piercing added was deadly. He circled his tongue around my slit swiftly, closing his mouth around it every couple seconds. He slid in two fingers, pushing them all the way back and just putting pressure on my furthest wall, while his tongue basically knocked the wind out of me. “Oh my- fuck Harry….. Baby…just like that oh god…” It was hard to breathe once he started twisting his fingers in and out. I felt him slide his fingers up my slit and positioning them around my clit before he wrapped his tongue around it. He kept flicking it back and forth and I felt my walls start to contract. My muscles where spazzing, he was making me so sensitive, I gripped the back of his hair in a tight fist. He licked my slit up and down as he slid his fingers down sliding them back in but this time slowly adding a third….”OH MY GOD” I felt like if I didn’t shut up, I wouldn’t have a voice for the game but I couldn’t help it. My leg started to shake and he grabbed it placing them both on his shoulders. Which made his tongue feel like it was going even further, I felt myself hit my high and I gripped his hair even harder. He didn’t stop right away his tongue continued to flick my clit and my thighs started to shake. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my-” He came up and his lips immediately connected to mine before his hand slid back down in-between us again. He circled my clit in a fast motion and my knees nearly gave in on me, I was still so sensitive. I bit down on his bottom before pulling back not able to contain my moans any longer. My eyes squeezed shut as I arched my body up into him letting my head lean on the wall. “That’s my girl, come on baby, keep coming for me…” His lips moved to my neck as my nails clawed down the back of his shirt. His pace was still fast he never slowed down causing another orgasm to roll off “Harry!! Fuck bay….” I came again and my legs where officially useless he could tell to grabbing me and wrapping them around his waist. He brought his forehead down to mine, my eyes where closed still as I tried to catch my breath again. He walked us over to the bench and he laid me down slowly, my eyes fluttered open as my breathing returned to normal. He crawled over me kissing me deep, arched my body up into his out of habit. I felt his hands rub my hips slowly before he slid both of my legs back into my shorts. Pulling them up my hips and letting his hands caress my body on the way up. He pulled my body up with his letting our lips meet one more time I got up, my legs feeling like Jell-O. He smacked my ass as I headed for the door and I turned around “Go out there and make daddy proud” He laughed slightly as he walked towards me, I could tell he was joking but he really didn’t need to call himself that, that just made me feel all types of ways once he said it.


We walked out of the room together, he went to the left and I went to the right, I stepped out on the field with the team and my heart sunk. I forgot how loud the crowd was, how huge the filed was, and how bright the lights where. We ran out on the field and got the crowd totally amped they were so loud I felt like my ears would be ringing for days after. I looked up into the sea of thousands of people and found my dad in the box…couldn’t find mom though. We moved to the center of the field, I heard the crowd on one side freak and that let us know that the boys were waiting at the entrance. Number 81….I already knew which one he was he was towards the front of the pack “Duke university….I’d like you guys to help me….in introducing your 2013 blue devils for the first time this year on the count of three!!!! ONE, TWO, THREE!!” The boys ran out on the field and the crowd lost their minds, I swear it felt like my eardrums burst open in that moment. When Brandon, Josh, and Harry ran past me I made it my job to smack all three of them on the ass, hard.  They played the first half with ease, not that the other team wasn’t good, just our boys had their game faces on tonight. Harry was FAST and I mean that he was so smooth which made him and Brandon piggy back off of each other easily. Now I understand why our school wanted him so badly, by the end of the first half we were up by 11. Which was a good thing for more reasons that one, because we had barely a month off for summer vacation. Wilts the rest of the school had a little over 4, so the cheerleaders get this option anyway, but if they boys win this game. Coach would let them go home if they wanted for the next 5 days then come back Wednesday because our next game wasn’t at home. They’d fly/drive to wherever the next game was two days before then, after that game they’d get another “mini” break before school started the following week. Even though it would be short lived when you’ve been training your ass off all summer, you’ll take what you can get! The boys walked over to the bench for a quick water break, which was our cue to entertain the crowd for a minute. I walked past him on the way to the field and he placed his hand on my back stopping me for a second “When we win this….I hope your ready for round, 2….3….and 4.” He let me go and I couldn’t really speak in that moment, Meg ran up behind me… “What was that about?” I head to clear my throat before I could even speak “Oh uhhh….nothing….I’ll feel you in later…” The entire time Vikki continued to make things extremely difficult, she kept moving around, trying to stand in front of me….she was just doing the most and needed to take a few seats to me honest. Luckily I covered it up though, I didn’t let the anger move up to my face, and I still kept that bright cheerleader smile going the entire time.


The second half kicked off and the boys where still killing it…I kept hearing a voice above me screaming for number 81 I just couldn’t match a body to the voice. But I finally did it….two woman, both with great hair and really good tans. I figured they were his mom and sister and I smiled up at them, seeing good looks run in the family.  “WhooHOO!!! Get em baby!!” I heard Vikki yell next to me and I couldn’t help but scoff at her “Is there a problem Misty? Besides your shitty ass cheerleading?” she smiled at me and I turned around and glared back at her “seriously Vikki I’m so sick and tired of your bullshit I’m-“ Keyton, who was one of the boys on the team picked me up and moved me over by him. She kept getting lucky because there’s going to be a time this year where she’s gonna slip up and say the wrong thing and no one’s going to be there to pull me back from her. When I looked over I saw the assistant coach glaring over at us, so I regained my composure.


 Coach was losing his mind on the sidelines; we were getting down to the last couple seconds. Josh threw the ball to Harry who ran it half way down the field to Brandon, both Harry and Josh where on Brandon’s sides to protect him from the other team. Harry then faked out one of the other players and turned back around, in which Brandon threw him the ball again allowing Harry to make the final winning touchdown!!! And the crowd went insane “WELL LOOKIE THERE!! OUR BOY FROM ACROSS THE POND GAVE US OUR WINNING TOUCHDOWN!!!” One of the announcers yelled from the PA and the team basically tackled Harry to the ground.  We ran down to the field and even though I had this thing going on with Harry, out of habit the first person I ran to was Josh. “That was amazing!!!” He picked me up and spun me around before putting me back on the ground “We got a hell of a team this year Missy!” My eyes looked over and found Harry as he took his helmet off and ran his fingers through his hair. Brandon ran over and hugged him nearly knocking him on the ground; he looked over in my direction. Those deep dimples on display, I ran over to him and he picked me up off of the ground wrapping my legs around his waist. Not thinking to be cautious or worry if people where looking because everybody was all over everybody else…. We were just all excited so I knew no one would think anything of it.  “I’m so proud of you!!!!” he smiled down at me; I could tell he wanted to kiss me but my eyes warned him not too. He placed me back on the ground, a couple seconds later the field got ambushed by the boy’s parents. I stepped back and let him have him time with his family, the press moved down to the field as well. They were all over him; I was just impressed how he was handling it with so much ease. One reporter walked up to the boys before they left the field “Ok just one last question for you Josh. How has it been having Harry on the team….I mean honestly?” Josh looked back at him confused, I guess wondering why the question was asked to him directly. “Uhh…I mean it’s been amazing. He’s a really talented humble guy.” He tapped Harry on the shoulder “But there hasn’t been any rivalry? No jealously because before he came you where the star running back right? And I mean now…” The question caught Josh off guard, it was also clear that he was annoyed by the reporter.  Harry quickly took over “No, not at all were all stars on this team…thank you for the questions guys but were all exhausted and all just wanna go relax for a minute.” Harry walked off and the boys followed. People treated these boys like they were celebrities when they walked down the sidelines to go back into the locker room, Harry made sure he touched every little boys hand that was reaching down for him.  They looked at him like he was their hero that was who they wanted to be when they grow up. And I have to admit it made my heart flutter a little to see how nice he was to his “fans” I loved how humble he still was….I’m really routing for him to stay that way. Both teams where headed back to the locker room when I heard a familiar voice call my name…when I turned around it was my mom. I ran over towards her and she hugged me tight. “You guys looked amazing out there Missy!! You’re gonna kill it at the showcase coming up!” even though she smiled down at me….I could see it in her eyes….she wasn’t okay… but I smiled back at her “Thanks mom!!! Soooo where Auntie Lynn?” she scoffed shaking her head at me “The hell if I know probably flirting with some poor underage football player!! But okay so….your flight is booked!!!….You are still coming home tomorrow afternoon right?” I spaced out for a second, I had a million thoughts running through my head….The fact that I technically wouldn’t see Harry until Friday night…then on top of that….realizing how different things would be once school started. Both of our practice schedules would get way more intense, and then theirs school work. But I think the main thing that was stuck in my head was what was going to happen when school starts and all of the college girls would be all over him. I mean I technically couldn’t complain because I wasn’t his GF, and on top of that it will be a lot harder to sneak around with a full campus…. “Oh yeah….yeah I’m still coming home tomorrow!” I smiled up at her trying not to let the millions of emotions I was feeling peep through.  Her eyes lit up and she pulled me in hugging me tight “Good!!! Well I’ll let you get back to the team…see you tomorrow sweetie!” she kissed me on the cheek before walking off to find my aunt.


I felt my eyes start to tear up….not because of Harry but more so….I think while I was away…I kinda let myself believe that nothing was wrong. That everything was okay back home but the fact of the matter is…it wasent….it really…really wasn’t. I started too walked over to the locker room when I heard “Excuse me? Missy can we get a picture?” I turned around and there were two younger girls both probably 8 and there mom they had on Mini “Blue Devils” cheer uniforms. I made myself but a smile on my face for them, and in all honesty they kinda made me feel better. After I took the picture I headed into the locker room only to catch the end of coach’s victory speech to the boys. “Now you boys kicked some ass tonight…so you guys deserve to go out and celebrate. Just don’t do anything too stupid and I’ll see you boys on Wednesday alright? Stay focused but more importantly… stay humble guys as long as you boys stay together…your unstoppable! Alright Blue devils on three!…One…two…three…” “BLUE DEVILS!” Coach walked out of the room and the boys all looked at each other like they had the same look on their faces which none of us understood. A couple of the boys walked down into the hallway and my eyes followed them but still had no clue what was going on. Next thing I know the boys are removing their pads and are stripping down into nothing but their boxers “Ummmm…..” Meg looked up at them confused “Why do I feel like we should like run….” That was the only thing Vikki said that I ever agreed with “Yeah…I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but she’s right…” We all started to step back and Brandon cocked his brow up at us. “You really wanna run for a football team?” The next thing we know I feel something cold hit my thigh and its silly string. Our boys from our team have totally turned on us .We took that as our cue and we ran down the hallway and there was only one way to go which was straight….then we figured it out. They were chasing us into the pool…. I felt Harry’s strong grip around my waist as he threw me into the water with him. I feel like the entire team let out a collective squeal once we hit the freezing cold water! “WoooHooo!!! 2014 champs baby!!” Brandon yelled as he jumped into the water. I watched some of the other boys come back in with cases of beer that they obviously loaded into their trucks before the game. The lighting in the room was pretty dim since it was probably close to 11:30 at night. Everybody was just having a really good time; Harry had a strong grip around my waist with one hand and a beer in another. His body was pressed firmly against my back…neither one of us caring in the moment. In all honesty it seemed like half of the team was so drunk, like everybody just decided to get a little touchy feely tonight. This was rare….but could also cause a lot of problems; I felt his soft lips on the back of my neck again. “So what are we doing about this when school starts?” I almost kicked myself for asking….He let out a deep breath again the back of my neck, lacing his beet bottle on the edge of the pool and gripping onto my body even tighter. “I don’t know….we can still be this…whatever this is. I guess just two friends who make each other feel good…” I felt his fingers dance along the lining of my shorts “And I mean who knows….if it turns into something more then….” He reclined my neck back kissing the side of my neck slowly. I didn’t really respond I just nodded….I had way too much on my mind to fully discuss this right now…I just wanted to have a fun night with my friends. “Alright so I’m proposing we have a chicken match! Huh? What do you guys say?” Josh propped Meg up on his shoulders and walked to the middle of the pool. Next thing I know Harry ducks down under me lifting me up making me squeal in total surprise “You’re on man!”


We stayed in the pool until literally 2AM! We all looked like prunes when we got back. Meg was nowhere to be found but I heard I knock on my door 30 minutes later. I assumed it was her but it wasent….it was Harry in a black tank top and stripped bottoms. I sighed when I saw him because I just mentally wasn’t in the mood for whatever he had planned. “I can’t do this with you right now Styles…” He looked back at me confused “Do what?” “Whatever this is… I need to sleep so I can catch my flight at noon. I have a lot on my mind.” He stepped closer to me and placed his hands on my waist “I know…I could tell that’s why I’m here…” He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist, closing the door behind us. He walked backwards to my bed falling back on it; He ran his hands up my side slowly as he felt me relax into him. “I just came here to lay with you….that’s all…” My head was resting on his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair; I fell asleep to the sound of him humming into my hair. I forgot he could actually sing…moments like these made me wonder…if I got lucky. I mean yea he had that bad boy rep but maybe it was one of those things where he still was a bad boy…but he was just good for me. I guess will see where we end up once school starts……



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And to everybody who’s wondering YES! Once the school year starts there will be more drama, more fights , more hook up’s, a tone of frat parties. You will get to see more of Harry’s asshole side, there will be some “Jealous Harry” and ECT. But you have to build characters because people have more than one side to them :))

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