Your somewhat of a “armature” designer whose getting there first shot at LFW. Your pacing back and fourth in the corner backstage when your boyfriend Harry walks in with a dozen long stymied red roses. He walks up to you and grabs your waist in a tight grip. Placing the roses next to you on the table. Letting his lips meet yours quickly since he knows you don’t have much time left. His tongue caresses yours slowly as his hands roam up your sides. Squeezing down on your ass causing you to let out a faint moan against his tongue. ” just breathe baby, I already know both you and the show are going to be flawless. Now go out there and smash it , and when we get home tonight…” He licked his lips slowly letting his eyes trace your body ” I’m gonna show you how proud I am of my baby girl.” You let out a faint whimper just at the thought if what’s to come, he smirks down at you already able to see how consumed you are. “I’m gonna fuck you sooo good, that you wouldn’t be able to get out if bed tomorrow even if you wanted too.” Letting his lips meet yours one more time. He lets out a slight growl against your tongue as he bites down on your bottom lip . Pulling back from you slowly letting his hand squeeze your ass again before he goes outside to take his front row seat.

Like? Then like and I prob do more LFW ones
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  • Posted: 16 September 2013