I stared down at him, flipping my hair all to one side, taking my index finger and making a line from his chest to his waistline. “You have no clue what you started…” I let my eyes meet his slowly; he was practically holding his breath. He wanted to touch me so bad but I loved the fact that he respected my rules I leaned my head down towards his and when he reached up I moved my head out of the way. He tried not to smile but it didn’t work, once those deep dimples came out I gave in… a little. Letting my lips meet his, lacing my tongue with his as I started to slowly grind my hips down into him. I could feel him getting harder by the second through the fabric of his sweats; he reached up placing his hands on my thighs. And I grabbed his arms pinning them to his sides, moving my lips away from his and down to his neck, making my way down I alternated between my lips, tongue and teeth, nipping at his skin just enough to leave a mark. He let a couple faint moans leave his lips; I released his hands, moving mine down his stomach slowly. Sliding down his sweats I let my fingertips dance along his length through his boxers. He was starting to get antsy raising his hips which only made me laugh into the kiss, because I knew I was testing his patience. Pulling back sliding his sweats and boxers down just enough to access him, licking my palm before I took him in my hand. I started twisting my wrist up and down his length pressing my thumb to his tip “Fuck….” His voice was already winded from the anticipation; he let a couple low moans leave his mouth as I kept my eyes locked with his. I tightened my grip and I felt his body jerk “Shit…” he got a tight grip on his hair, since he still wasn’t aloud to touch me, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth I watched his eyes started to close. I pinned my forehead with his “Eyes…o…pen” I spoke slowly letting my tongue tease his lips before I kissed him again. Love the sound of him moaning against my tongue.  I raised my dress up already able to feel how wet I was, I pulled my underwear to the side , I actually think I ripped them and without any warning I positioned his tip at my entrance. Taking him in half way then raising up, sitting down a little more then again raising up.  He let out a growl in frustration biting down on my bottom lip “Oh for fucks sake” he gripped my hips trying to push me down and a quickly moved them back “Touch me again and I swear I walk out of this room, I already told you… “Daddy’s” not in charge tonight” I pulled up completely releasing him from me before I took him in fully. His mouth drooped and his eyes shut hard, I was still so tight, that the stretch/burn was so intense I almost thought I couldn’t take it. It felt like he was filling me completely, causing a knot to form in my stomach. I started rocking my hips slowly, my movement was short, enough to tease him but not giving him what he really needed. I wasn’t allowing him to “feel me” completely and he was getting antsy “Missy just…” he wouldn’t say it but he was dying for me to move “Do what? What do you want me to do? Tell me?” I looked down at him biting down on my bottom lip and I watched his nostrils flair and his jaw tighten. He hated to ask for anything but he’d have to get over it today “You know what I want…” He was doing that thing again, the one where he lowers his tone but I wasn’t giving in tonight. He could feel me starting to raise up as I still kept my eyes locked on his waiting for him to just tell me what he wanted “Okay fuck…baby just move please…” that was all I was looking for.


Sliding up, I rubbed his tip along my clit a couple times before I slid down a little “Arch back…” I instructed and he did as I asked. I started rocking my pelvis back and forth slowly, also rolling my entire body against him allowing him to go as deep as possible without giving up control. “Is that what you wanted baby?” my breath was already winded because I was in the perfect position for him to hit everything “Fuck yes…god you feel so good…” His chest was rising and falling hard, as I finally placed his hands on my hips, as I leaned down letting my lips meet his again. I started rolling my hips in a circle, I could tell he was liking it because his moans grew stronger against my tongue; he got a tight grip around my waist. Thrusting his body up into me, I let him continue to do that for a couple seconds before I knocked his hips back down. Taking all of the control back, he let out a slight chuckle at that point more so out of surprise that I really wasn’t letting him run anything. I sat up, increasing my pace as I continued to roll my hips against him, moving my hands up my body slowly and lacing them through my hair as I arched my neck back “Shit…” I forgot where we were and I started moaning louder but I didn’t really care to be honest. I felt myself getting close and almost right after I felt him twitch inside and, the grip he had on my waist grew tighter. That’s why I stroke his length a little longer than I needed too because he was already heard I just wanted to stimulate him more so we’d come back to back.


“Jesus you feel soo good, you always feel soo fucking good “ He breathed out as I arched my body back fully rolling my hips a little slower, which added more pressure “You gonna come for me ? Huh you’re gonna come for me baby?” I pinned my head down to his “Yes…shit …yes…” He frowned his brown in, and the way he looked back at me…I don’t think he thought I was serious until I started to rise up “Don’t even think about coming until I say so…” He snarled up at me, as he bit down on his bottom lip trying to hold it in. I released his length laying it flat along his stomach licking it from base to tip, circling my tongue along his hip causing him to suck in a deep breath as his eyes squeezed shut. “Oh my-“ He couldn’t even complete his thought as I took him into my mouth followed by my hand, I stroked him up and down a couple times letting my eyes meet his again. “You want me to let you come?” His eyes fluttered open slowly “Fuck yes…” his voice was so winded, I repositioned him back at my entrance continuing to tease him as hit tip, flicked my tip “Arch up for me baby…” sliding down half way “Say it…look at me and say it” I locked my eyes with him his again “Shit, I wanna come Missy, Christ just let me come baby…” he sounds so sexy when he’s like this his voice completely winded making him sound even  deeper and huskier than usual. I finally slid down fully, “let go….come hard for me daddy” I finally gave in only because I couldn’t hold my own release anymore. He thrusted up into me hard once, and I felt him feel me completely, it was like both of our releases where fighting each other. And there was this intense tightness in my stomach that almost caused me to scream, I don’t think I’d ever felt that much intense pressure before “Fuck” we both breathed out at the same time, before I leaned down to kiss him again, I could feel myself starting to run down my thighs, as I slowly continued to rock my hips against his.

When I pulled back we were both panting hard, I think that was the first time I actually stayed on top the entire time. The room was small and with the doors closed and no windows that also added to our shortness of breath, his chest was red, as he came down from his high. I ran my fingers through my hair moving it out of my face, usually id stay with him for a minute but not today, I was here to prove a point.  I wanted to give him something to think about, I wanted to be in the back of his mind the entire time, I didn’t want him to be able to focus. And now I’ve accomplished that, I hadn’t moved off of him yet, out of habit my walls clinched around him and he let out a low grow letting his eyes meet mine. I didn’t say anything raising my body up slowly, and because I felt like being as asshole once I sat up completely I slid my body back down, taking half of his length in again. I watched his mouth drop, and that was my cue, I pulled back getting off the couch, readjusting my dress and checking my hair in the mirror.  I leaned over him letting our lips meet one more time as I laced my tongue with his, once I leaned back locking my eyes with his. Tucking him away back in his sweats “I’ll let you get back to your “Movie” I sashayed out of the room and I’m sure his mouth dropped, totally shocked that I took control like that. I’m not gonna lie I felt pretty bad ass because I knew I had him, I gave him that knot in his stomach I had him begging for it and that switch in power felt amazing. I walked back out to the stage where Chris was sitting down waiting for me, “We can leave” I looked over at him and he smirked back at me shaking his head, I’m sure he already had a clue what happened.  Once we walked out of the building Chris started to speed up his pace so he could talk to me. I don’t know why I couldn’t stop smiling…probably because he was always the one who’s in control and I know I left him feeling a certain kinda way. “Hold on a damn minute, Misty Adrianna Desmond!!! Did you just have a Samantha moment?” I turned around and looked at him and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Holy shit I know you did!! You had a “No bitch you listen” moment….girllll I bet you road him like a pure bread stallion.” I gasped and my eyes widened at his comment and I could feel my face getting red “Oh don’t even play all innocent with me! And you know I’m right miss “My family owns a horse ranch” Your no stranger to the rodeo!!” He smirked at me and I just rolled my eyes “Oh fuck off and get in the car!!!” I unlocked the door getting in and letting my roof down “I want details chica!!!” Chris looked over at me as he got into the car and I just ignored him “No I’m serious! Spill!!”


“Yeah probably not….or at least not right now…maybe later.” I let my eyes gaze over to his briefly before they returned to the road. “Oh really why? Too tired to talk right now? Él me llevaba a la muchacha? ” He smirked back at me and if there weren’t so many students walking back and forth I could have smacked him. But he got lucky…the roads were too narrow and these students obviously didn’t learn the whole “look both ways” thing!! I pulled into the parking lot letting Chris off at his building first before I got to mine “Now get the fuck out!” I smiled back playfully and he just ignored me hoping out of the car “Text me!!!!! I still want details” Before I could respond I saw Devon walk out of the building “Hey!!!! Whoa nice ride” He smiled over at me walking towards the car “Thanks! Yeah she’s kinda like my baby…so wassup?” I let my eyes meet his, I swear he was staring so hard It felt like he was staring straight threw me “Ya know our packets due Wednesday!” He pointed out and my eyes widened because I totally forgot and we wasted so much time now were gonna have to cram! “Fuckkkk…dude I totally forgot well when do you wanna work on it?” He let his eyes trail off tracing my car as he thought of a day in his head “How about Monday? You mind stopping by Starbucks? I only work 3-8 because I’m covering half of a shift for someone.” He smiled back at me and I had to stop myself from laughing as hard as I wanted to, the thought of Harry’s “Caramel frappe” comment coming to mind. I shook my head, clearing my throat as I got my thoughts together again “Oh yeah…sure that works just text me!!! I’m soo absent minded at times it’s ridiculous! My other calls me “vieja” all the time which means old lady” I smiled back at him and he laughed stepping away from the car “Alright well I gotta get outta here but I’ll text you.” He smiled and waved as I slowly p8lled out of the parking lot heading over to my dorm.


I knew I probably wouldn’t hear from Harry tonight because he’s stuck working with that Jessica person. But I also was NOT going to text him; this was on him to make the next move not me. Once I got back to the room Meg was sitting on the bed with her headphones in, she let her eyes meet mine as she smiled up at me, removing her headphones and patting the space next to her on the bed. I sat my bag down and walked over to her “I know…I know things have been a little off between us. And I can’t say too much right now just know….it’s not…it’s not the way it seems…kay?” she gave me a half smile and I returned the gesture, I trust her and I know if she’s not telling me something right now then there’s a reason behind it. I leaned over to hug her and she hugged me back tighter than I hugged her, letting out a deep exhale as she pulled away “We good?” she looked over at me and a smiled and nodded back “Yeah babe…were good….” I changed out of my clothes and passed out…not feeling like taking a shower tonight I decided I’d just get up and take one early in the morning. We usually don’t have practice on the weekends but the first showcase of the season is Tuesday, part of me wondered how awkward it would be. Like if both of my parents would show up, sit next to each other…I feel like they kinda have to because there will be a lot of press there. But I hate the fact that they have to fake what use to be real, I tried to call my mom before I went to sleep but it went straight to voicemail “Hey mom…it’s me…just checkin in…call me when you can,te amo buenas noches.” I hung up and starred up at the celling until my eyes gave out. It was around 10 when I woke up…Meg was already in the shower and by the look of things she’d be in there for a while; there was hair dye all over the counter. There were 8 floors in this building half had community bathrooms and half had private suites. I went up to the top floor to use their bathroom and in all honestly I don’t know how I forgot that was Harry’s floor. The bathroom wasn’t too bad today most of the people just taking their time, most likely not having any plans for the day. I took my time in the shower this morning; I stayed in there maybe 20 minutes which is unheard of in a public college bathroom. And just with my luck….I heard him, I peeped out his accent amongst the other guys he was talking too as he walked in. There were two thick Southern accents, a Hispanic accent…then there was his, not that Hispanic accents aren’t sexy…but there common in the south. His was something different it still placed a knot in my stomach…made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My hair was in a high bun as I just finished brushing my teeth, standing there in just a hot pink VS Fashion show robe I got forever ago.


While he was talking he saw me out the corner of his eye, I grabbed my stuff and walked right past him as he continued his conversation.  He was Wearing a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and no shirt, he had his towel resting over his should, his pants were riding so low it was almost offensive. Then to make matters worse he was wearing glasses, which I didn’t even know he owned, and I wish I didn’t because I didn’t think he could look any better until now. I had to keep my focus though, and not give him the satisfaction of staring; I had just finished moisturizing my face, standing there in my hot pink robe and my hair in a high ponytail when he came up behind me. “I need to talk to you outside…” I heard him breathe against my neck, the deep gravel in his “morning” voice making my stomach clinch “Kinda busy right now…” I tried to play it cool but he wasn’t having it and I heard him chuckle low and dark against the back of my neck “Alright, let me rephrase that…because it wasemt a question come….outside…” I got the reaction I wanted, I smirked over at him as I cut in front to go out into the hallway. “What the fuck was that?” He bit back letting his eyes mine and I just shook my head, even though I’m pretty sure I knew the answer. “Don’t play dumb love, stupidity is never sexy…” he snarled back at me and I kicked my brow up a him “Whoa…down boy…don’t get mad at me because you…lost yesterday. That was completely your fault.” I looked up at him and he looked back, totally lost “….Oh don’t even, you know exactly what I mean, the way I had you in the palm of my hand, practically begging…” I moved closer to him letting my lips graze his and I watched his jaw tighten “…begging to come…you just don’t like not being in control…and I had you yesterday…”


He scoffed back at me, nodding, for a second it looked like he was actually agreeing with me but I should’ve known better than that. We were at the end of the hallway, where it bended back into a corner, I watched his eyes move over my head before he grabbed me pulling me around the corner. Before I could even fully comprehend what was happened he had my hair tight, pulling my head back to his neck, with his lips pressed to mine. “Don’t even start that…don’t go get cocky love, you “won” once…do you know how many times I’ve…” I felt his hands move up my robe and my legs started to shake my whole “I’m badass/ I think I’m Beyoncé” attitude I had was so gone; he knew how to get to me. He knew my body too well by now, I felt his finger graze my clit “Were in a fucking hallway” I snarled through the grit of my teeth and he scoffed again. Basically meaning he didn’t give a fuck “And? You know me, you know I’ll do it…make you scream until you lose your voce, have your legs shaking until your begging me…” he bit down on my neck, as his finger moved down my slit before he pulled away causing me to let out a faint moan. I could feel him smirk against my skin “There it is…” we both didn’t say anything for a second then out of nowhere we just started laughing at the same time, he spun me around and pushed me against the wall letting his lips meet mine. Lacing his tongue around mind, as I moved my fingers up into his hair, getting a tight grip, letting out a slight growl as he bit down on my bottom lip. “We are so dysfunctional…” I breathed out against his tongue and he laughed a little “Yeah but your worse, Oh and for the record, you do know you can’t really get mad at me for hooking up with other girls right?” He pulled back looking down at me and I pulled him back in, letting our tongues meet again before I pulled back “Well then that works both ways then… and is this coming from the guy who fucked me in a closet all because I got an attractive lab partner?” He didn’t respond right away he just stared down at me “Oh speaking of that, I’m meeting him Monday to work on that packet thing.” He snarled down at me pulling me in again, I felt the metal bar hit my bottom lip, once he pulled back “I really hate that kid…” He went in again and I pulled back “You don’t even know him?” I tried to justify and he frowned his brow down at me “Yes and you know Jessica so well….” He kicked his brow up at me, I tried not to smile but I couldn’t because he was right. “Oh fuck!!” He breathed out of nowhere running his fingers through his hair and I looked back at him totally lost “Hmm?” “You just reminded me about something I didn’t finish for history….” I looked over at him, almost feeling like his mother “Harry!!! You do know you need to maintain a certain-“ He cut me off before I could finish “Yes, I know this!! I’m shit at that subject, I mean I barely knew British history how the hell am I supposed to know yours!?” his face was serious but I couldn’t help but laugh and his eyes cutover to me. Clearly not amused “Okay, okay I’m sorry …how about I help you study?” His face changed I don’t think he took me serious “No I’m serious, come to my room around 5 and I’ll help you study, because uh “Stupidity isn’t sexy…” I smirked over at him and he licked his lips trying not to smile, I grabbed the back of his neck kissing him one more time before I left “Now go take your shower…oh and by the way it feels…” I let my fingertips dance along his length through his pants “You might wanna take a cold one” I winked at him before I walked away and he growled at me “God I hate you…”


We were in the locker room changing before, we went into the workout room, for some reason Vikki’s attitude was even worse today. I tried to ignore her because I was in a good mood, Harry and I kinda worked it out, and on top of that, there was this unsaid statement between us. Even though neither of us came out and said it….it was clear that we were both starting to like each other more than we were admitting. Even though I wasn’t sure what the hell ways going on with us, that little unsaid notion made me feel good. I was standing by the bench talking to Madds, another girl on our team when Vikki nudged me when she walked by “So….what? Did you not see my entire body orrrr?” I glared over at her and she just ignored me. I had to stop myself from grabbing her by her ponytail and repeaditally slamming her head into a locker. “Don’t feel bad she’s an asshole to everybody!!” Madds looked over at me trying to make me feel better but it only made things worse “Yeah exactly and who the fuck gives her the right to just be a bitch as a fucking hobby?”  I placed my foot up on the bench to tighten my shoe laces when I heard Liz call my name. We actually talk every once in a while, she’s not as bad as I thought. When I turned around she looked like she was about to cry “Hey…hey what’s wrong?” After I looked closer I realized she wasn’t sad she was freaking the fuck out “Just follow me….” We walked to the back of the locker room and there Lindsey was! High again off god knows what, and were supposed to be running the routine full out today. How the hell is she supposed to do that high? “Oh my god Lindsey?? Lindsey babe can you hear me?” she nodded back; she wasn’t as bad as before it actually seemed like she was coming down from something. And she was just in an intense hangover phase, I felt myself almost getting into a slight panic but I got it together. “Okay, get her in the shower, I’m gonna see If I can talk coach into letting us run some laps outside…then maybe she can sweat it out the hard way. I can’t….we can’t keep doing this, I don’t care the next time this happens…were telling someone one. The coach her mom, I don’t care but she needs help, or a fucking intervention, but we can’t keep bailing her out like this!” Liz started taking Lindsey’s clothes off, and she was being her usual feisty self, yelling and trying to fight back, which is how I knew she’d be alright. “You good here?” I looked back at her waiting or a nod or something before I walked out to go talk to the coach.

One my way down there I felt my phone vibrate in my hand, I almost forgot I was hold it, because it was helping me relieve stress. My case is 3D so I was pressing my palm against all of the jewels and the slight discomfort it was giving me was causing me to relax a little. When I looked down it was Harry, even though I was annoyed I knew the sound of his voice may actually do me some good. Once I picked up he didn’t even give me a chance to say “hello” before he started talking “Okay so I was thinking, how about we not study and we just-“ I cut him off before he could even finish “Harry, no I can’t do this right now! And you’re going to study because you need to maintain a C average to stay on the team you know this. I can’t deal with this right now ok I just can’t, I’ll see you tonight.” I went to hang up but he wouldn’t let me get off that easily “Hey? Hey! No, Missy what’s wrong and lie to me because your voice only shakes for two reasons….and I know for a fact it’s not the first one…” I let closed my eyes feeling myself about to cry, I think it’s more than just this Lindsey Vikki BS, it’s my parents and just all this other shit that’s getting on my fucking nerves. I just wanted to have a fun normal year and not that I haven’t had fun. But there been so much drama already and were not even in the second week of school yet “Lindsey’s what’s wrong…she’s having another “moment” and were supposed to be running the routine full out at practice for the showcase Tuesday. She’s a fucking base Styles how the hell is she supposed to throw a girl up in the air 10 feet in that state? If she just even moves wrong that girl could fall, and even die were practicing on grass. I can’t even them my family and I just….” I felt my tears streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop myself “Okay, okay Shhh…listen to me…take a deep exhale alright I got you, we got you, Josh, Brandon and I will come down there. And will fix this….just like last time. You got a plan love?” His voice was calming me down “Kinda…I umm…Liz is gonna put her in the shower and I was gonna see if I could talk coach into letting us run laps first so that way the heat would make her sweat it out and possibly throw it up….. Naturally and then she’d be fine just a little cranky. But also…This? Keeping this secret what if something happens to her? And we knew and we didn’t-“ I could feel myself ready to cry again and so could be, he cut me off before I could even finish “Okay stop, don’t even go there, we got this, go talk to your coach and I’ll see you in a minute…breathe, just breathe… inhale…” It took me a minute to realize he was actually waiting for me to do with before he hung up so I took in a deep inhale “…exhale….” I let it out slowly “That’s my girl…see you in a minute…”


I hung up, walking over to check my face in the mirror not wanting to look like I’d be crying as hard as I was. Luckily the assistant coach loved me so he agreed to let us run laps first. We still had like 20 minutes before practice started; I let my eyes pan the room as everyone started stretching and warming up, tumbling up and down the mat. Meg spotted me from across the mat and ran over she knew me too well and she knew something was wrong. “What happened?” her eyes met mine and I sighed again “Our very own Serena Van der Woodson strikes again.” She made a face at me when I said that knowing exactly what I meant “Seriously? Liz again? Well what the hell are we gonna do…were supposed to be running the routine in like less than 20 minutes.” “I know, Liz has her in the shower and I talked Marco into letting us run laps first. Where gonna make her sweat it out…the boys are coming too, there’s gonna be a ton of people on the track, just working out and if there in the way maybe they can cameoflouge her. So Marco won’t notice how dysfunctional she’s looking… “Okay so were gonna slit you guys up and work in stations, running, tumbling, and lifting. You guys are grown I don’t care how you do it but when practice starts you need to make sure you do ALL 3 warm-ups within the first hour and I’ll know if you haven’t!” By the time I got back into the locker room she had Lindsey ready, thank god she was a lot more….conscious this time “Okay let’s go babe…were about to go run some laps” If looks could kill I’d be dead 3 times over because the way she looked at me when I said that…”Nooo…” he words were still kinda slurred “Yess, we are, unless you wanna tell the coach why you can’t run…” I looked over at her and her eyes met mine again giving me the death stare one more time before she wobbled up. Once we walked outside you would have sworn we were in the movie “Gremlins” because she lost her damn mind when the sun hit her “Fuckkkk no!!!” she yelled out trying to run back into the locker room but Meg grabbed her as she walked out of the door. “Nope wrong way baby doll.” I made me get a little sentimental when Meg came out, then a couple seconds later the boys showed up. Even though this is a shitty ass situation for anyone to be in…it’s a good feeling to know, that no matter what your friends got your back. Especially Harry he’s known the boys maybe for months he’s known me for about 2 yet whenever were in trouble…he’s down. This Lindsey bullshit…we were deal with this last year, before he even knew who we were yet he stepped in like he’s known us for years. It doesn’t have to do this…he doesn’t have to get dragged into all of our screams and plots ye he dose…and he helps us. Without second guessing it, yes he has his asshole, douche moments but what who doesn’t? Moments like these remind me, why I just can’t pull back from him. It’s more than just the way he looks, or his accent, or how amazing he is in bed. It’s the fact that he was multiple sides and I’m starting to see all of them…and what’s even scarier than that…is I may even be starting to love…..them.


“Alright I’m ready where gonna put her through a hard workout, make her sweat it out and she’ll be good!” Josh clapped his hands together excited and Lindsey looked back at him like he wanted to stab her eyes out.  After running 4 laps in the blazing heat her body finally released whatever she took. Stopping halfway through the 4th lap to puke on the slide of a tree, after that she was in a way better state. Still totally pissed at us for not letting her rest but she put herself in this position. Somehow we got through practice; she wasn’t 100 percent so we just went with the “she’s a little hung over” line and since Lindsey typically is a hell of a cheerleader. She didn’t get too much flack after practice Harry came back to my room to study but all he wanted to do was “study” everything that wasn’t on the page “Harry stop!! Okay I need you to focus…” I looked back at him and he poked his lip out at me “Stop…” I warmed and he signed finally giving up “Fine…one kiss and I’ll quit.” It was almost 10 and he’s been here for almost 3 hours so I think he knew that I was over his games at this point. He smiled back at me and I rolled my eyes leaning up to kiss him but of course he grabbed my face pushing be down on the bed, positioning his body in between my legs. Even though I should’ve pulled back out of habit I didn’t, wrapping my legs around his waist when we heard a loud knock on the door. “HARRY, MISTY!!!” Liz came banging on the door and Harry hopped up to answer it “Oh for Christ sake, is someone dying?” He asked sarcastically, Liz started blurting out words randomly over Harry and neither of us understood her. “Whoa, okay calm down love. Now say that again”.  she took in a quick breath before she spoke again “I just walked back into my room and Liz is on the floor…and not responding to anything. My eyes winded and Harry cut me off before I could even finish “Wait, wait, wait…as in she’s not responding or she’s not breathing?”


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