(DISCLAIMER….this chapters a little shorter than usual and I did that for a reason. Chapter 11 part 1 will solely focused on Misty and Harry after he surprises her at her showcase. So this chapter gets out a lot of drama that surrounds them and in part 2 of chapter 11 If that makes any sense. )


We both kinda just stared at her for a moment, not giving her a chance to say anything else we ran down to her room. When we walked in, we didn’t see anything until I noticed the bathroom door was cracked. When I saw her laying on the floor my heart stopped… “Nonresponsive?” she didn’t look like she wasn’t fucking breathing. “Oh shi-“ his words got caught in his throat when he walked in, pulling his phone out of his pocket “I know you guys “handle” things differently around here but this…her…no just… ” his words were all disoriented but he was right,  he stepped out of the bathroom calling 911 as my eyes moved over to Meg who looked like she was about to pass out “What….what the hell happened?” I looked over at her as she sunk to the ground in front of me, shaking her head unable to get her thoughts together “She…I…I was on the phone with her and she said she was gonna take a shower and she’d call me when she was done. It had been like almost 2 hours and I still hadn’t heard anything, I came down because I needed to borrow something. I had a spare key to her room…she always said umm…she always said” she looked down at the tile on the floor trying to get her head back together, I reached down and grabbed her hand “…And when I walked into the bathroom…” she pointed at Lindsey unable to complete her thought after looking down at her. “There on their way….” He looked over at us before looking down at Lindsey, sinking down to his knees next to her “Hey….hey there on their way love alright? Just stay with us…stay with us for a little while longer….Your from Texas…I know firsthand that Southern girls are tough…you got this” He smiled down at her before letting his eyes slowly meet mine, and I nodded back slowly agreeing. “Yeah we Southern girls aren’t something to play with right?” I looked down at Lindsey knowing she wouldn’t respond but we still wanted her to hear familiar voices around her “…right?” I looked over at Meghan slowly and she tried to smile nodding back “Right!”


We weren’t sure how long it would take so we called the school nurse this time and she came up, to the room. Which caused a lot of attention, people where crowding around the room…even with the door closed you could hear the voices from outside. Harry, Meg, and I kept talking to her even though she still wasn’t responding. Once the ambulance pulled up to the building there was a huge crowd outside, but I expected it. We had gotten far too lucky this year when it came to getting away with stuff, it couldn’t have been worse timing though. As they were bringing her out of the building, of course there were people standing around with no respect. Taking pictures and videos on their phones, but what made it even worse was Brandon. Apparently him and Lindsey had a “date night” or something and when he saw the EMS lights he hopped out of the car “Lindsey!!!?’” he shouted his instinct telling him it was her. He ran towards the gurney and Harry grabbed his shoulders, pulling him back “Lindsey baby are you okay???” he was yelling and it sounded like he was on the brink of tears. He kept trying to get at her but; because they were in such a rush they wouldn’t let anyone in with her. He kept pushing though, pulling away from Harry but, in this moment Harry was stronger than him “Lindsey!!!” he shouted her name one more time before the doors closed. God he was breaking my heart “Hey! Hey look at me man …we can go right now I’ll drive. Okay? You want me to drive I will….” Harry was trying to calm him down keeping his arms pressed down firmly on his shoulders “What the hell happened man?” Brandon’s eyes locked with Harry’s speaking through the grit of his teeth trying to stop the tears from flowing. Harry shook his head not knowing what to say “I don’t know, but she’s gonna be okay, alright? So let’s get down there so you can be the first face she sees when she wakes up.” Harry flashed him and quick smile as he walked over to Brandon’s truck, realizing in the state Brandon was in it would be better if he drove. Letting his eyes meet mine I ran over to the car “I’ll meet you guys down there…” I reassured him and he nodded back at me “My keys are on your bed…” He looked back at me before sliding into the car. Pulling off directly behind the ambulance as it left, I let out a deep exhale as Meg and I ran into the buildings, realizing I was an idiot walking outside barefoot and put some shoes on and grabbed my phone and Harry’s car keys. There was so much commotion outside it took us forever to get around back to his truck. We also ran into a ton of traffic because there was some country concert going on tonight so it took us a while to get there.


Once we got to the hospital it was even busier than usual, Meg and I got off the elevator and my eyes scanned the crowded lobby. He grabbed me out of nowhere and hugged me tight, I wasn’t sure why at the moment but I didn’t pull back, until he did. Letting out a deep exhale he stepped away from me running his fingers through his hair “How’s Lindsey, how’s Brandon…where’s Lindsey, where’s Brandon?” I looked up at him and he looked around the crowded hallway “Umm, Lindsey…we don’t know, haven’t heard anything and Brandon walked off….he’s still here just…not sure were.”  He let his eyes scan the lobby wondering if maybe Brandon came back and he just didn’t notice but he was didn’t. We looked over at Meg who just started crying out of nowhere she hated hospitals and just situations like this. I mean who doesn’t but it’s really bad for her, but she cares about Brandon and Lindsey so she’s here. She tried to stop herself from crying but it didn’t work, Harry grabbed the back of her head pulling her into his chest and she just started crying harder, and harder “I just feel soo guilty….we should’ve done something…” I could barely understand her from all of her sobbing but I heard that. I on the other hand….I was trying NOT to cry so I excused myself “I’m gonna go look for Brandon…”  I walked out of the lobby making a right, and I looked down the hallway and I didn’t see anything…and it was actually really quiet. And the silence forced me to put it all together, I mean how do you live with that ?That gilt…knowing since last school year that this girl had a problem, thinking she got help but apparently she didn’t. Even after finding that out I still didn’t do anything until it was too late, I wanted to cry but I felt like I didn’t deserve to. Even though it’s technically not my “problem” I was still her friend, and friends don’t let over friends go down like that. You fight, you fight for them and we…just came into battle a little too late…..I sunk to the floor against the wall; it didn’t take long for him to find me because I didn’t get far.


10 minutes later

“Shhh….Shhh…” he coaxed into my hair as he slid his hand under my shirt, rubbing my back trying to get me to calm down, trying to get me to stop crying. Even though I was silent he could feel my chest rising and falling hard, and the rapid pace of my heart against his. He held me tight as we sat in the lobby of the ER, I felt like complete and utter shit right now. When I came here last year, it was towards the end of the year and there was this big frat party. That’s when I had my first “Lindsey…experience” she was upstairs on the bedroom floor and I ran out to call the 911 and Vikki stopped me. She said they handled this situation “differently” and we didn’t need to call anyone but I should’ve known better. I should’ve used my better judgment and known that, that was total bullshit and none of us are qualified to make that decision. But I didn’t I kept my mouth shut and followed the “rules”, if something happens to this girl I would never been able to forgive myself because I’d feel partially responsible. I knew about this and I didn’t do a thing about it until it was too late, we should have never let it get to this point. All I needed was 3 words, I just need to here 3 words from the doctor, either “she’s gonna be okay” or even “she’s fine, but….” That’s all I needed to hear. I pulled back, running my fingers through my hair and rubbing my eyes, they were sore, and I’m sure they were also red and puffy.  I let out a deep exhale looking over at Harry, his eyes showing that he was just as worried as I was, yet he managed to smile over at me slightly. Just enough to let one of those deep dimples of his make an appearance which instantly made me smile. “She gonna be alright…” his tone was slightly shaky, proving that he even had his doubts but he was trying to make me feel better. So I smiled a little and nodded back “What the hell? Why is she in the hospital?” I heard Vikki’s voice behind me and I had to take a deep breath before I could even deal with her. I looked over at Harry as he ran his fingers through his hair, jaw clinched, nostrils flared, even he was annoyed with her at this point. “She’s here because this is where she needs to be, she’s here because this is where she should’ve been where we found her a couple weeks ago. She’s here because she almost died today Victoria, your friend who you love and care about so much almost died…THAT’S why she’s here.” His eyes never left hers, his voice was so stern and…masculine  it gave me chills…he was just so dominant right now and not even in a sexual way he was just acting…like….a man…I guess. He didn’t even need to raise his voice for her to know he meant what he said and there were no “if, ands, or buts” about it.  It took her a minute to get her thoughts together “But were not supposed to-“ I cut her off before she could even finish “Yeah because you said so, but we can’t handle-“ she cut in but her tone wasn’t as hasty as usual “I didn’t….” I looked back at her confused “You didn’t what?” I kept my voice calm, if she wasn’t gonna yell than neither was I “I didn’t…It wasn’t my idea to “handle” her situations….” She looked back at me almost teary eyed and that was one of the first times I actually saw any emotion besides anger come from her “Then who’s idea was it?” Harry chimed in this time bringing his voice back down to its normal calm tone. She shook her head turning away from us “I can’t….I can’t tell you guys that…have you talked to the doctor yet?” she looked back at us and we both shook our heads “Shouldn’t we like call her mum and dad or…” Harry looked back at us and I looked up at Victoria, she never mentioned her parents much…and when she did it was only her mom. So if anyone knew anything it would be her “Ummm…I’ll go call her mom….” Right as Vikki turned to walk outside to get a better signal the doctor walked in.


Victoria stopped in her tracks…. “You’re here for Lindsey Daniels right?” we all nodded and Vikki stepped back into the room. “Are her parents here or-“Vikki cut her off before she could even finish “I’m her sister!” she wasn’t…technically but the doctor didn’t speculate any further “Okay…well your sister….I don’t…I don’t know how much you want me to say out loud…” Victoria nodded back “It’s fine, they’ve known her almost as long as I have…” the doctor nodded back leaning against the wall “Well, first off let me just say your sisters still here, but she’s not responding as well as we expected. It seems like some of her organs aren’t as strong as they should be for someone her age. Were waiting on some blood work and since we don’t have a file on her here so I’m just going off what I’m seeing today. Since she was brought in for an overdose tonight, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say this isn’t her first time with substance abuse is it sweetheart?” she looked over at Vikki and all she could do was nod “Okay….well…that explains a lot. Listen to me were not giving up on her, she’s diffidently not going home tonight or tomorrow… though sooooo, and if I were you I’d call your parents. We’re gonna have her moved shortly then she can have visitors….but I’ll warn you guys that she’s still not responding…but don’t give up on talking to her. Sometimes it just takes one voice…one familiar voice to pull the back” She smiled at us, as her pager went off calling her down to another patient. We all let out a sigh of relief, once she left…anything was better than hearing she was gone “Okay, Ummm someone needs to find Brandon, and…oh and we need to tell coach… the Dean-” Vikki cut me off before I could even finish “No! No! Don’t tell him about this!!” her eyes got so intense and it kinda caught me off guard to be honest “Why…love …I mean I know we’ve been in a lot of crazy situations this year already but this? I doubt he’d be mad if anything he’d be concerned…” Harry spoke up and Meg and I nodded agreeing but she didn’t “No just trust me…he does NOT need to know about this!” She walked out of the Lobby going to call the coach, right as Liz, Josh, and Chris walked in.


“What the hell happened?” Josh’s eyes darted around the room “Long story mate” Harry looked over at him, “I’m gonna try and find Brandon, he can’t be far, I mean you still have his keys right?” I glanced over at Harry and he nodded back at me. I walked down the hall, peeping into kooks and corners trying to find him when I overheard Vikki on the phone “No! No Brian…doesn’t know and were not gonna tell him. I don’t know, you just need to get down here okay? Yeah…I know I’ll have the rest of them leave just hurry!”  Once I heard her walking towards my direction I turned around so it wouldn’t look obvious, she nearly jumped when she saw me. “Find Brandon?” she looked over at me and I shook my head “Nope…talk to her mom?” she let her eyes leave mine, looking out of the window “MmmHmm, she’s on her way down it will probably take her an hour or so. And she said she’d prefer it to just be me, her, and Lindsey once she gets here sooooo…” she let her eyes meet mine slowly and I nodded a back, understanding and respecting her mother’s wishes. “Okay…I’ll let everyone known…” I walked away not helping but to be curious about the conversation I overheard. When I walked away, they found Brandon…even though by the looks of things they should’ve left him wherever he was. I could smell him as soon as I walked up, he obviously disappeared got high and or drunk. Then he decided it would be a good idea to bring his high ass back into a damn hospital!!! Because that’s obviously the best idea, Harry and Josh were both so irritated at this point; it was all in their faces. “Where the hell did he even buy anything?” Josh looked over at Harry as they propped him up on either side of his shoulders “He had it in his car already…” Harry sighed as they started to walk towards the elevator “I thought you had his keys?” I looked back at him and he shrugged “I thought I did too until I checked my pocket. Where gonna get him out of here, probably go get something to eat, and some stuff to sober him up for class in the morning.” He tossed his car keys back at me “Drive my car back to the school when you leave. I’ll come get the keys from you in the morning”


I was laying in my bed when I woke up  to the sound of someone knocking on my door “Hold on a second!” my voice was soo gravely from just waking up. I’m not sure I they even understood me, When I sat up I looked at my phone and noticed it was 9:30 and I totally over slept. I walked over to the door and it was Harry…of course standing there in a pair of dark blue sweats with our school logo on it. That’s it nothing more, but at the same time he probably just woke up and wanted his keys back “Oh your keys” I remember as my brain slowly started to function again, I went to turn away and he pulled me back connecting his lips to mine. Closing the door behind us, picking me up and laying me down on the bed. “Harry…” I pulled back and he licked his lips smirking down at me “Mmm?” He smirked down at me…there would be times where he look at me, but his eyes were so intense that…as cheesy as it sounds it genuinely feels like he was like looking right through me. “I’m already late for class, I don’t know if Meg will be back, and I have a lot to do today, and on top of that …I’m mentally and physical exhausted” I tried protesting but it didn’t work. “You already know you’re NOT going to your first class, I ran into Meg in the hall…she’s not coming back anytime soon. And I know you have a busy day ahead of you love that’s why I’m here, Meg and I talked and your coach is still having you guys compete tomorrow which means you’ll be at practice all night. Then there’s the fact that you have to go meet up with that wanker, Devon…so I just wanted to give you something to ease your mind. Something that can replay in your head over …and over again.” He wrapped my leg around his waist tighter slowly sliding his body in-between mine, pressing his pelvis firmly to mine. “So just lie back…and let me….” His lips moved over to my neck and I knew I was done, whatever argument I had…it was invalid at this point. “Take care of you the way you need to be, you and I both know I’m the only one who can make you feel like this…” He slowly rolled his hips against mine and I let out a faint moan, as I felt him smile against my skin “That’s my girl…”



His lips moved back to mine, lacing his tongue slowly, as his hands roamed up my body from up under my oversized sleep shirt. He cupped my breast from under my shirt causing me to let out a faint moan against his tongue; sliding his finger under the fabric of my underwear he slid them down my thighs. Letting his thumb pull my bottom lip down, as my tongue laced his index finger, sliding it up my slit slowly. Feeling how wet I was already he moaned out against my tongue “Mmmm baby…” letting his fingers move around my clit in a counter clockwise motion I arched up into him but he knocked my hips back down. “Patience love, you know I’ll take care of you…” He smirked down at me pulling back, lifting my shirt over my head. Kissing my collar bone, then moving down to my breast slowly circling my nipples with his tongue. The metal bar from his piercing causing me to jerk and giggle slightly which he loved. Leaving wet kisses down my stomach, flicking my navel piercing with his tongue before stopping. Grabbing my inner thighs he started alternating between kisses and nipping at my skin. Soothing the sting from his teeth with his tongue every time, he finally made his way to my sex. It felt like I was throbbing I was so ready for him, licking up my slit slowly before he closed his mouth around my clit. Causing me to arch up fully, sucking in a deep breath through my mouth, getting a tight grip on his hair also out of instinct.


Licking up my slit slowly he was teasing me again and I couldn’t take it “Harry-“my voice was breathy I was so turned on I couldn’t even function. He smirked up at me licking his lips slowly “What did I say earlier? Relax….I got you baby…I’ll take care of…just lay back…” He let his tongue flick my clit and I nearly lost my mind. The metal of his piercing always just added an extra….kick that I can’t even explain. You’d think I’d be use to it by now but I still wasn’t. He licked his lips again “And relax….can you do that for me love?” I couldn’t speak at this point, his tongue met my slit again flicking it slowly. He gripped my inner thigh tight as his tongue explored every inch of me; I gripped his hair tighter with one hand, letting my hands move up my body and into my hair with the other. The way he worked his tongue, the way he moved his head, the faint moans he’d make. Like he was getting off, because he knew, he was getting me off. Sliding two fingers in slowly, curling them in and out. “Fuck, baby just like that…” I arched up into his touch and he brought my hips back down. “Oh my god…” I bit down on my forearm as he pulled out slowly. He then went back in adding a 3rd finger while letting his tongue meet my center again. He felt me flex around him and things got more aggressive. He started to speed up his pace moving his tongue faster. Closing his mouth around my clit, as I felt my stomach tighten and my walls flex. “Shit” he moved up my body letting his tongue meet mine again, letting me taste myself. Sliding his sweats down his thighs as he continued curling his fingers in and out. Both of our moans getting lost against each other’s tongues as I stoked him, pressing my thumb firmly against his tip just the way he liked it “Fuck…” he growled out against my tongue. Moving my hand out of the way, he slid his fingers out, now using them to circle my clit in a fast counter clockwise motion as he slid in half way. Pulling out before he slid his entire length in, “Oh my-“ taking in a sharp breath as I readjusted, trying to prepare myself to handle how thick he was…how deep he went. The burn and stretch he caused feeling even more intense then the last time which is what I loved. The fact that my body fully never got use to him, so he always kept me on my toes.


Bracing both of his arms on the bed as he thrusted up, his strokes where smooth and deep always so deep. Making it feel like he was going deeper and deeper every time. He rolled his hips against mine; I swear it felt like I could feel that boy in my stomach. I tugged at his curls as my moans echoed throughout the room “Fuck your still so tight baby…always so tight for me” he breathed out against my neck biting down on it. I laid my hands back on the bed, and he slid his fingers in-between mine as our lips met again. He started to speed up his pace and I felt my stomach tighten again “Fuck Harry just like that baby…” my voice was horse, he felt too good to be real.  One of the things that kept me coming back to him was the fact that it always felt like the first time. “Dose that feel good baby? He asked with a smirk already knowing the answer. I couldn’t breathe nevertheless speak “Hmm?” He asked again this time thrusting up harder until I responded “Fuck…yes…god yes it feels so good”. He pulled his forehead down to mine, I could barely keep my eyes open “Look at me Missy…I want you to look me in the eyes when you come” his voice was just…that alone could still get me off, how deep and rough it was.  He started moving faster pulling out fully then going back in, I felt my walls contract around him “Shit…” He breathed out feeling my walls closing around him. “Fuck come for me…shit I can feel you coming baby, come on…” he coaxed against my neck as my eyes shut without my control. My muscles felt like they were spazzing I was coming hard and he didn’t stop, it felt like my first orgasm was rolling into another one. “Fuck” I nearly screamed I felt so sensitive but he felt too good “Christ, clench for me Missy… but don’t stop coming” I couldn’t even if I wanted to, feeling myself running down my thighs, he was the only one who could get met to this point.


Bringing his forehead back down to mine as he continued to roll his hips against mine “You wanna come again for daddy? Mmm…” smirking down at me before letting his lips meet mine again. My body felt hot, I could see how red his chest was our bodies were producing so much heat; I’m surprised we weren’t stuck together. I wrapped my leg around my waist tighter which gave him better access. “Fuck yes…” he breathed out in a slight whisper against my neck, he brought his head down to my shoulder blade, gripping my waist tight, biting down on my shoulder hard as he came but he didn’t stop. He pulled out slowly, stroking my thigh “Turn over, and sit up for me baby…” Bracing myself on all fours as he got a strong grip on my shoulder before sliding back in slowly. “Fuck…” he let out a slight moan as he slid in fully. Turning my neck letting our lips connect. As his hands found my slit out of nowhere, I felt his fingers circle my clit only making me come apart even faster. I turned my head and licked his jawline before moving over to his ear. “Fuck you feel so good, baby” I kissed the hinge of his jawline while he picked his pace back up “Oh shi-“ I couldn’t even finish my sentence my orgasm ripping out of me out of nowhere I felt like my body was about to collapse, “Fuck it Sooo good. You feel so good” His hands moved from my shoulder over to my hair, grabbing it in a tight fist. I felt my 3rd release ripping out of me as my body slowly relaxed into the bed. He wrapped his arm around my waist firmly pulling my body back; he slid out slowly before moving his hand down to circle my clit again, my body felt so sensitive that it jerked in reaction to him. “Fuck…baby…” My voice was basically gone I leaved my neck back on his, while his lips met mine, I tugged on his lip making him growl slightly. I turned slowly facing him letting our lips reconnecting wrapping his arm around my waist laying me back on bed.


 My legs clasped around his waist as he slid in slowly as he laid me back on the bed. I started grinding my body into his while our moans got lost against each other’s tongues. I felt myself getting there again even though I didn’t think I could handle it my nails clawed at his back as he bit down on my bottom lip “That’s it baby come on, you can take it” His lips met mine again “OH fuck” we both moaned out I came again, feeling myself continue to run down my thighs “Oh shit!” He bit down on my neck griping my waist tight, as I felt his second release come out of nowhere. I’m sure he was just as surprised as I was because it’s kinda…rare for a guy to come more than once back to back like that. Resting his head in the crook of my neck I felt him leave faint wet kisses against my skin as we both came down from out high.



We laid there in silence for a while; I felt his fingers massaging my scalp as I laid my head on his bare chest. Just letting time go by…neither of us caring that we’d basically missed two classes by now “Do you know why I hugged you so tight when you came into the ER last night?” He looked down at me and I just looked up at him, those piercing green eyes this close were almost unreal. He snaked his arm around my waist tighter “One of a lads biggest fears is not being in control, when Brandon saw Lindsey tonight, he was angry, hurt, sad….but more than anything his pride was hurt. It was kinda like “Why wasn’t I enough” or “Why couldn’t I stop this?” he felt like he let her down. And there’s nothing worse than seeing the girl you care about in a state where you can’t do anything about it. Sooo, when I saw you get off the lift…I don’t know…my instinct just told me to do that…just to…hold you tight…as cheesy as that sounds. Wow I sound like a line out of the notebook or something…” he laughed slightly and so did I before I kissed his chest “No…that’s actually one of the sweetest things you’ve ever said ….” I looked up at him and he batted his eyelashes at me “Well I mean….I am amazing so….” He turned on his “valley girl” voice trying to ease the tension. Making me laugh so hard my stomach started to hurt; I could tell he didn’t do well with intense moments like that. Like when things got too serious or too emotional, which to be honest I’m kinda the same way.


We were just lying up under the sheet’s letting time go by when the door open, and it was Meg. “Yeah you probably should’ve knocked first….but that’s on you love…” Harry looked over at Meg but she didn’t seem to be bothered what so ever “Guys we need to talk about something….” She looked over us and we could tell by the tone of her voice it was serious “Hand me my shirt…” Harry sat up and I slid my shirt on seeing that she wasn’t going away anytime soon. “Did you tell them yet?” Josh came barging in out of nowhere “Dude what the hell!? Like really, have either of you heard of knocking?” I looked back at them and Josh looked back at me the same way Meghan did. Not giving a rats ass that they just barged in “Well first off…it’s my room too and second it’s important….Josh and I have kinda been playing detective…and-” “Uhhh….roll playing now are we? Well you two are progressing fast….” Harry smirked over at me and she rolled her eyes at him “Hey asshole! This is my story time…NOT yours” Harry raised his brow at her clearly amused and not offended “Well! Someones cranky…mate you need to take care of her a little better…” He smiled over at her and I could tell she wanted to hit him but she just rolled her eyes and continued her story “…now like I was SAYING….Josh and I have been doing some snooping and-“ Josh was getting antsy bouncing around like a child who had too much candy “We think the Deans Lindsey’s father…” Josh blurted out, then covering his mouth his hand realizing he gave away the punch line, which Meg was building up for…. “Really you little shit!?” she looked over at him and I think it’s safe to say Harry and I had the same thought.


“What!!!?” we responded basically at the same time and they both nodded “Your joking right?” Harry looked over at her and she shook her head “Nope! Okay just hear me out on this okay guys? First Lindsey NEVER talks about her dad, yet she also never said he died or anything. Then there’s the fact that both Lindsey mom and the Dean went here the same year back in the day. Thennn after doing more research…I found out that his first marriage ended 5 months before Lindsey’s birthday. And the icing on the cake is…do you remember how freaked out Vikki got when you brought up telling the Dean about this? If you look at both of his children they are like the most perfect fucking kids ever like it’s annoying. There both like doctors or something? Whatever the case…Lindsey and her mom don’t fit the category of his other children or….past wives….so just let that sink in. I also heard…there was talk that he wanted to run for mayor or something…after we graduate? Yeah having a drug addicted daughter won’t get you many votes….” Harry and I both just starred at her, both feeling like we stepped into a scene from a horribly written “Lifetime Movie” “Yeah…just let that sink in for a while….well I’ll see you at practice later Missy!!” Grabbing Josh’s hand they both paraded out the door like they didn’t just drop that fucking bombshell on our heads…


We both just sat there in silence for a minute… “Close your mouth love…unless you’re waiting for something…” He smirked over at me and I didn’t even realize what I was doing “I’m….well first off fuck you! But second are we actually entertaining that thought?” I let my eyes met his and he was speechless…I mean actually speechless he didn’t know what to say. “To be honest I don’t know…but it wouldn’t surprise me because you lot are fucking mental…like seriously” He looked over at me and I stared back at him somewhat offended by his comment but I really shouldn’t be because it’s true “butttt….I do know we can’t worry about it…we need to get you food and make it to Chem, and you have practice…and a showcase to get ready for….So will worry about this when you get back….” He smiled over at me, leaning in for one last kiss before he pulled me out of the bed with him “Are you and Josh coming to the showcase?” I smiled up at him hopping he’d say yes, since I wasn’t sure about my parents. It would just be nice to have someone cheering for me “Uhh, probably not…I’m really behind on the 3 classes I have on Tuesday….sorry…” he stuck his bottom lip out and I tried not to show how disappointed I really was. “No its fine…were not a “thing” anyways so I can’t expect you to do stuff like that…”  he turned to look down at me cupping my face in his hands “Your going to be amazing weather I’m there or not…” He kissed me again, this time a lot slowly and I let out a slow exhale as he pulled back “Now….are you coming with me or….are you making me shower alone?” he smirked over at me as he walked over to the door …





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