"Plane love" random short Harry imagine


Surprising your boyfriend Harry while he’s on your. You hadint seen him in almost a month, he got on his private jet with Lou and some other members on there team. Sliding the door open to the other part of the jet only to find you sitting on the couch . His mouth nearly drops as he closes the door behind him, picking you up. He always positioned his hands right up under your ass he which picked to up. Letting his lips meet yours he sat back down on the couch with you straddling his waist. It had been WAYY too long since he’d seen you, touched, you… been inside you. You started rolling your hips against his waist. Moaning into the kiss, you could feel how hard he was. As you heard the sound of his zipper “Fuck, baby I can’t wait…” He breathed out against your tongue. Lifting up the sides of your maxi dress you took hint . Freeing himself he moved his hand along his length slowly. The sound of him moaning against his tongue only turned on even more. Moving your underwear to the side you positives him at your entrance, you firmly kept your lips pressed to his. That was the only way you might be able to keep quiet, as you starred to sit down on him you dug your nails into his back. Trying to muzzle yourself from screaming out the way you wanted to. The burn and the stretch he caused felt even more intense since you haven’t seen him in almost a month. He growled against your tongue as you took him in fully. You started to slowly roll your hips against his, he helped guide your pace, getting a tight grip on your waist. Both of your moans getting lost against each others tongues as your try and keep quiet…

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