So I decided this will be chapter 1 for part B( the final 15) chapters of FNL . I’m deleting the other one and I’ll explain it in more detail tomorrow night.

It was close to 6 in the morning when she finally woke up! They moved us into a room and everything and she still hadn’t made a sound. I refused to get any test, or exams done until she was awake. They brought two more beds in. One for Josh and Meg and the other was for Brandon.

Her parents still hadn’t answered there phones and I refused to let her wake up without a familiar face by her side.

My shoulder was bruised and a little sore but luckily it was my left one so it wouldn’t effect anything. But to be honest I didn’t care at the moment, all I cared about was her.

Her eyes fluttered over to me and I smiled back at her. My chest was so full at that Point. It almost felt like I could cry looking at her. Just the fact that last night could have been the last time id get to see those ice blue eyes looking back at me……

She looked over at me before scanning the room. I could tell she was completely confused and I grabbed her hand. Preparing myself Incase she made any quick movements so she wouldn’t knock any of her IVs out by accident.

She didint have to say anything…her eyes said it all she was terrified and confused. She didint remember anything which…. Kind of made things better…and worse all at the same time . The fact that she didint remember right away meant she had less on her heart, less to worry about. But that also meant I had more to explain….

"hey…hey..your okay baby! I’m here your okay." I rubbed her hand against my lips kissing her gently trying to keep her as calm as possible. I kept my voice low and relaxed trying not to wake anyone else.

She was unconscious for a while so most likely all she can remember right now….is being in the car with us. Her brain Isint letting her process the accident yet. Which would explain why she was so confused, and why she didint know were she was right away.

She blinked hard before letting out a deep slow breath. Her chest was rising and falling hard, and I just squeezed her hand tighter.

I know Misty well enough to know that if she wanted me to hold her…id know it. So right now I was just going to let her deal with it her way. She sat up a little letting her eyes scan the room and I watched them tear up almost instantly.


"Where’s Chris!??" Hers eyes shot over to mine as the first tear hit her cheek. She jerked her hand and her body away from me before I would wipe it away.

"Missy wait -"my tone tired to keep her calm but she wasn’t having it.

"wait my ass where the hell is Chris!?" Narrowing her eyes over at me, she raised her voice which made everyone else in the room wake up…..

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