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                             “It’s a screaming Orgasm”


“What’s …. One of your specialty drinks? I’m talking like… a New Orleans classic?” My back was turned to him, I heard an accent but it didn’t completely throw me off because of the timing. It was early March which mean Mardi gras season, we got tourist from all over, it was close to midnight and the bar was loud and hectic. On top of that we were a girl down so I was running around like a bat out of hell, and I was trying to multitask. I had my ear piece in trying to write down drink orders and listen to him all at the same time.

I worked at a 3 story bar in the French Quarter; we’ve been voted the top bar in New Orleans for the past 5 years. And also have the some of the top ranked Bartenders working here…including myself, so were always constantly busy….especially during Mardi gras. We were kinda one of those places that you have to go to at least once before you leave just to say you came.

I turned around and raised my index finger to him asking for him to give me a second.  I smiled over at him so he wouldn’t think I was being rude because I’m sure he couldn’t see my headset through my hair.

“You’re fine love, take your time, I’ll be here!” He smiled back at me with those deep dimples and piercing green eyes. I could feel the bass in his voice stronger than the bass coming from the speakers.  I only got a quick glance because I was trying to write down these drink orders but he was wearing a loose fitted black V-neck and a black beanie. He was dressed pretty casual because the bar I worked at was more of a “college” style bar and grill so there wasn’t really a dress code. Something I also noticed right away was he had a very good tan…like he’d gradually been out in the sun.

I turned around, so I could type the orders into the system and that’s when I first really made eye contact with him, which was a bad idea. My eyes glanced up at him briefly and he smirked back at me, licking his lips slowly as he let his eyes leave mine and move over to the monitor above my head.  He was diffidently charming, he also wasn’t old enough to at the bar, and I knew exactly who he was. But I wasn’t a huge fan; to be honest I gave up on boy bands when NSYNC went on there “break”. But there was no denying how attractive the kid was….

“Wait so she wants a French 75…without the gin? Does she know that basically defeats the purpose? Okay fine so let me make sure I got this down…two French 75’S one without the heart, one Liuzza, three mint Juleps’ all with extra bourbon and… one dirty margarita? Okay give meeeee…5 minutes okay? Thank you baby….”

I clicked my headset off taking out a slow exhale, while I continued punching in the drink orders. “Five minute ey? That kinda seems like a lot to do in 5 minutes?” He smiled back at me and I let my eyes cut over to him slowly.

“Ahhh, then you clearly don’t know who you’re dealing with baby…” I kicked my brow up at me before returning my focus to the screen “And on that note what can I get for you? Virgin of course….”

My eyes and my facial expression showing I was obviously messing with him, between you and me he’s not the first under age person I’ve given a “virgin” drink too.

“Oh baby? Well aren’t we getting a little personal? And what!!? Nooo I’m at least in my early twenties…at least!” He smiled back at me and I rolled my eyes at him

“Oh yeah of course what was I thinking!! I must have gotten you confused with that other under 21 year old British boy band member my bad! And don’t take it personal…Brits say “Love” and most people in the south use the term “baby”. Don’t let it get to your head!!”

I gave him a subtle wink as I scoped the ice into the glasses “OUCH!! Okay fine…and yeah didn’t you hear? I have a brother he wears glasses and everything….or maybe it’s a twin….” He looked back at me and I couldn’t help but smile over at him…

“I’m Harry by the way…unless you wanna continue calling me “That under 21 year old British boy band member” But I feel like that’s a bit long sooooo…..”

I scoffed a little at his sarcasm…and also at the fact that he felt like he needed to introduce himself “Okay right, love this is the part where you tell me your name, Jesus, the manners in this place are shot to hell!!!”

He caught me off guard for a second because I almost thought he was serious until I saw that smirk move up his face. “Oh I know right….us southern girls….No manners what’s so ever!!” I teased back while I hit the start button on all three of the blenders.

Before grabbing four bottles, taking two in each hand and simultaneously pouring them into two different mixing cups. “Ohhh well look whose showing off…” He smiled over at me as I made brief eye contact.

“Nooo it’s called working my ass off do you see how busy this place is? And my name is Mia, but everyone around here calls me Rain…” I smiled back at him as I poured the alcohol into the mixer and started shaking it in my hand.

He kicked his brow up at me after I told him my nickname and I couldn’t help but laugh because everyone’s mind always went there whenever they first hear it. “Head in the gutter huh? And nooo not for that reason…I got the nickname because of that you just saw! I’m really good at multitasking when it comes to pouring drinks…apparently Im really good at making it rain when it comes to alcohol.” I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at my own comment because as corny as it sounds … it’s true.

“Here….” I slid him a drink I mixed quickly and he gasped

“Are you trying to give me alcohol?” His eyes got wide and I tried to hide the smile moving up my face.

“Oh shut up and swallow it!!” I locked my eyes with his, knowing exactly how that sounds….

“Jesus! If you keep it up with these filthy remarks I might have to leave!” He placed his hand on his chest pretending to get offended and I just rolled my eyes at him as I placed the drinks onto the tray.

“Oh I mean sure if you can’t handle me then yeah go right ahead…be a pussy and leave…” I smiled back at him and he gagged a little on his drink.

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t stutter….”

“Oh trust me I can handle you….I on the other hand was just trying to be polite!!” he kicked his brow u and me before sipping the rest of the drink.

“Oh well please don’t….I’m from New Orleans baby…and I work in a bar….bring it…” I grabbed the tray full of drinks and turned around making sure I did an “accidently” hair flip as I sashayed away in my fitted back bodycon dress. I could feel his eyes on me the entire time and that’s exactly what I wanted.


When I returned about 5 minutes later he was sitting at the bar, talking to one of the guys I worked with “Oh have you met this troublemaker yet?” Brandon looked over at Harry and he nodded back.

“MmmHmm I had a pleasure earlier…in the night…” He let his words roll out slow and for some reason it put a knot in my stomach.

“She’s something else!!!But she’s one of the best in the business!!” He smiled over at me and even though he was right….he was rarely this nice so I knew he wanted something.

“What the hell do you want Brandon?”

“I….Krysten can’t find a babysitter and were swamped! It’s a not even 1 am yet…If I give you a hour break can you please stay until close…and help us close….then come back at noon…” He smiled back at me and my eyes got wide…because during Mardi gras…close is damn near 6 AM!!!! Which would mean I’d work a 12 hour shift then come back and work a 10 hour shift!

“I-“ I cut myself off because it wasn’t like I actually had plans when I got off at 3 and on top of that I could use the extra money.

“Fine….BUT my break is a hour in a half because you know damn well we probably wont get out of here until 8 after we scrub this place down!”

“Fine! YES! SOLD! I’ll tell Mikey and he can come cover for you in about 10 minutes!! Thank you baby!!” He hugged me before basically running off to find Josh…

I ran my fingers through my hair…taking in a deep breath… “Sooo…what are we doing while you’re on your break?” He looked over at me and it took me a second to register that he said “We”

“Excuse me?” I kicked my brow up at him as he took another sip from his glass.

“Yeah I didn’t stutter love…” he smirked back at me after basically handing me back my own smart ass remark.

“Ahhh someone’s got jokes I see! And I didn’t know I was going anywhere with you….”

“Mmm, well now you know…what is this by the way?” He lifted the glass before letting his eyes trace the counter.

“It’s a …screaming orgasm….” I let my words roll out slow and his eyes slowly met mine, after grabbing a pin from the side of the register “Vodka, Irish cream, cognac, and triple sec…..”

The way he looked up at me…even though I was hiding it well….I could’ve jumped over the counter and fucked him then and there.

“Mmmm….well here’s my number…if you want…you can text me when you go on your break and maybe we can do something….There’s a ton of bars along the quarter…play some pool…get something to eat…it’s up to you love” He licked his lips slowly before taking the final sip from the glass, extending his hand to hand me the note.

I grabbed it reliantly…even though he knew I’d text him “It was….a pleasure….” He smiled back at me before walking over to the group of guys he apparently came with.

He was smooth…and he knew it…I was 23 and he was barley 20…yet he had me feeling like I was the school girl with the crush on the smooth upperclassman.

About 20 minutes later


I waited a minute before a texted him….so I didn’t seem as anxious and excited as I really was….

“I couldn’t find anything better to do soo…..”

I was in the back room touching up my hair and makeup in the mirror while I waited for him to respond.

“Ahhh, Im going to guess this is Mia…and ghee thanks for making me your last resort! Cheers love…”

I smiled down at my phone after reading his comment, putting on the final touches before I responded back,

“Oh no problem!!! :) So wassup are you still in the bar?”

“Mmmmhmm….were on the first floor…you coming down?”

“Yeah…I’d typically say I’d wanna go somewhere besides here but it’s probably crazy as fuck outside so ill just come down….”

“Actually no…I’m on the second floor you come up here….”

“You wanna add a “please” on that”

“Nope… ;)”

He didn’t respond right away, but I wasent worried

RUDE! ….where are you sitting?”

“The table in the far back…against the wall…right corner…I;m literally hiding from customers lol”

I was sitting at a table in the corner against the wall all the way in the back. Jordan one of the other guys I work with brought me a couple shots. We techionally aren’t supposed to drink on the clock but I’m not clocked in. And on top of that I’m working damn near a 14 hour shift so I deserve it.

The lights were a lot lower on the second floor…. It was almost dark in here. This was kinda more so the chill area of the bar. The second floor was always the least congested. They were playing some club mix of a couple drake tracks.

I was just scrolling through my twitter feed when I felt his hand rub my shoulder. Slowly letting his fingertips graze my spine as he sat down next to me.

"Soo 6 A.M. ey?" He smiled back at me before taking one of the shots off the tray.

"6am!….cheers!" I grabbed one of the shot glasses clicking it with his before throwing it back. My face scrunched in a little not expecting it to be that sour. I’m more of a dark liquor fan….

"So how did you end up all the way in the French quarter?"

Setting his drink down and turning to the side giving me compete eye contact.

"Umm well I was in LA for a couple days…partially for a little holiday with my mum and step dad and also for work stuff. I don’t know I just thought it would be fun to come out here with a couple mates before I head back to the UK"

"Ohhh right you guys have that big tour thing soon right?"

He chuckled a little at the way I phrased that…. My tone implying it wasn’t a big deal.

"Exactly …that "tour thing…." He kicked his brow up at me and I laughed at his surprisingly dry sense of humor.

"Hmm?" I noticed him gazing at me I just wasn’t sure what he was looking at.

"Nothing I was just admiring how beautiful your smile is…" He looked back at me I sighed super dramatically

"What!! I’m not feeding you a ton of rubbish you have a nice smile and you know it! Don’t me an ass!!" He smiled back at me and I gasped! Pretending I was offended even though I loved that he was starting to kinda act like an ass.

"Well thank you…you’re not too bad yourself!" I glanced over at him and he smirked back at me…letting his eyes gaze over at the tequila shot in front of him.

"Come here…" His voice was low and calm, the rasp in his voice getting stronger.

I stepped off the stool placing myself in between his legs. Letting my palm rest on his thigh.

"Shot in hand, salt on the neck.., lime…." I felt his hands trail up my waist and I lost my train of though.

"…in your mouth or did you want it somewhere else?" The bass in his voice was killing me…his eyes looked darker, and that mischievous smirk was moving back up his face.

He placed the salt on my neck and a put the tip of the lime in my mouth. He gripped my hips tighter pulling me into him as he slowly let his tongue lick up the side of my neck. I couldn’t help but let out a faint moan when he pulled away. Taking the shot straight to the head before slamming the glass down.

Gripping the back of my neck he turned my head to face him taking the lime out of my mouth. 
I knocked it out of the way and grabbed the hair that was sticking out from the back of his beanie.

Rolling his tongue against mine I got the sour taste of all the different alcohol flavors on his tongue.

I moaned out against his tongue when he turned his head deepening the kiss. Gripping my waist tighter pulling me up to straddle his waist.

I started rolling my hips against him and I could feel him starting to get hard through the fabric of his jeans. I bit down on his bottom lip and he growled against my tongue.

I pulled back for a second realizing where we were “wait fuck, we need to stop…we can’t do this out here…” My voice was breathy if could barley think straight.

He looked back at me a little confused “are you saying you wanna stop and go somewhere or do you just wanna stop completely?” He drew his face in and I rolled my eyes.

“Obviously I don’t wanna stop I just don’t wanna get fired!” I bit back and he growled at me, leaning in and biting down on the side of my neck. My body jerked and I let out a slight squeal not expecting the sting.

He eased this tongue over the mark before closing his lips around it. Moving his hands up into the back of my hair he started kissing up the side of my neck and I arched back giving him more access.

His hand moved up my thigh, finding his way to my core which was screaming to him at this point.

My heat radiating through the lace of my underwear as he teased my clit through the fabric.

Moving my lace to the slide he slid one finger in effortlessly and I arched up into his touch. “Shit…”

Feeling the metal from his ring smack my clit as he twisted his middle finger in and out.

Bringing his lips back to mine he slid in another finger and my walls clenched around him. “Fuck baby you’re so wet for me right now…dose this feel good…”

"Mmmm" I couldn’t even formulate a complete thought at that moment. He started curling his fingers forward in a come hither motion and it was driving me insane.

We both heard footsteps coming in our direction he pulled out instantly. Moving me around so I was sitting sideways on his lap instead of straddling him. My body clenched when he pulled away and I felt like I was coming apart at the seams.

"Where do you wanna go?" His lips were right below my ear. Leaving faint kisses up and down my neck while he stroked my thigh.

I closed my eyes for a second, running my fingers though my hair, getting my thoughts together again. I moved off his lap slowing not saying a word but he knew to follow.

We walked through the crowed, and he stayed close behind. We walked down a long hall past the kitchen and it felt like my knees were shaking. There was a door that led into one of our break rooms. I took the key from around my wrist so I could open the door.

He pressed his hips against mine as he kissed down my neck. Causing me to fumble as I tried to focus and open the door.

His hands moaned under my dress “Your soo wet for me baby fuck, I can feel you running down your thighs….” His breath was hot against my skin and I tried to stay focused….

The minute the door opened we basically flew in. Slamming my back against the door. My keys fell to the ground and it felt like my knees were already giving in.

"There’s a good chance someone could come in…" I breathed out in almost a whisper I was so breathless

"MmmHmm…and that’s half of the fun…" Biting down on his bottom lip before leaning in and kissing me hard, rolling his hips against mine as his hands traveled down to my ass. Before hiking my dress around my waist.

He dropped down to his knees in front of me, teasing me through the fabric of my underwear and I couldn’t take it.

"Harry!" I gripped the back of his neck making him look up at me and he smirked.

"Be a good girl and be patient for me…."

I yanked on his hair pulling his beanie off. “You should know by now that I’m not a good-ahh-oh my god” before I could even finish my thought he ripped my underwear to the side. Taking my clit into his mouth.

"Shitttt" my head slammed back against the door and I grabbed the handle for support.

Nibbling on the hood of my clit before wrapping his tongue around it, sucking it back into his mouth.

Spreading his fingers and moving them up and down my slit. Trapping my clit in between his index and middle finger he flicked the tip with his tongue. Making my whole body clench.

“Oh fuck….” I felt like I could barely stand straight. I gripped his hair tighter and he did the same to my thigh. Propping me up more so I wouldn’t fall.

Sliding in two fingers he warped his lips around my clit. Holding it in his mouth and moaning against my flesh. Making his voice vibrate straight through me as he continued curling his fingers in and out.

"Fuck, baby just like that…. Oh my-" my entire body clench and my head fell back on my neck as my orgasm ripped outta me.

He pulled back and I practically dragged him up to me by his shirt. Kissing him deep, I could still taste myself on his tongue.

I spun us around and walked us back to the couch against the wall. Pushing him down as I squatted in between his legs.

Still not letting my lips leave his as I started stroking him through his jeans. His breathing started to hike up once I unzipped his jeans, freeing him from his boxers.

I pulled back licking my palm before taking him in my hand. I got a firm grip on his base and spiraled my hand up and down. Pressing my thumb to his tip every time I reached the top.

I expected him to be this length…but I didn’t expect him to be this thick. Every time my hand worked up and down my stomach tightened in anticipation.

He growled against my tongue and I pulled back. Kissing down his stomach until I made my way back down. Teasing his tip with my tongue, swirling it around.

I licked down one side then moved around to the other. I looked up at him and his eyes were lulled as he ran his fingers through his hair. Which was actually a lot longer than I expected.

I finally brought my lips over to his head, keeping one hand at his base because I knew I couldn’t take him all the way.

I went down as far as I could and the first moan left is mouth in a deep rasp. “Fuck that’s it Mia… Fuck baby wrap that pretty little mouth around my cock…”

I bobbed my head up and down, while my hand continued to stroke him. Occasionally pulling back to let my tongue graze his tip.

He gripped my hair tighter and started rolling his hips into my mouth which I loved. Even though I liked being in control I loved a man who wasn’t afraid to take it back.

"Fuccckk….yes…" His head reclined back and his stomach tightened. I felt him twitch in my mouth and I knew he was close.

"…shit… Baby stop…you gotta stop…" His words came out in a low growl and I pulled back. Wrapping his arm around my waist he grabbed me and threw me back into the couch.

He hovered over me pinning his forehead to mine. Sliding in half way and my body arched up, trying to adjust to the stretch he was causing. “Shit…” He wasn’t too big for me I just didn’t expect him to fill me the way he did.

"You can take me baby….fuck I love how tight you are…Jesus …" He breathed out against my lips as he slid in all the way. Just staying there for a second letting me feel how full I was.

Bring his lips down to mine he started rolling his hips against me. Pulling out all the way before slamming back in.

He kept his strokes somewhat fast…still not forgetting someone could come in at any second. But he always went deep….every time…it felt like I could damn near feel him in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh my -fuck" I arched back at his lips connected to my neck as he continued rocking his hips against mine. Bring my leg up higher on his hip giving him better access.

I could hear….and feel him moaning against my skin. Slightly grazing it with his teeth. I started rolling by hips up into his and he brought his forehead back down to mine.

"Fuck….you want control?….Mmmm?" He pulled back sitting back on his knees. T

Wrapping his arm around my waist, staying inside me the entire time. Making me gasp from the sudden movement.

Making me straddle his lap he bit down on my shoulder. “Take it then…fuck me!” he breathed out against my neck and I felt light headed just from the tone of his voice.

I gripped the sides of his shirt and started rolling my hips against him. My ass smack down hard, against his clothed thighs…

I gripped the back of his neck and his brought his lips back to mine. I started rolling my hips almost in a circular motion and he bit down hard on my bottom lip…as I moaned out against his tongue.

He started rubbing my clit with his middle finger and my body tensed “fuck…”

"Shit….just like that…baby… Fuck its soo good…" He cooed against my skin, he confounds destroying my clit in a counter clockwise motion will guiding my hips as they moved against him.

I felt my body tighten and I knew I was close…my walls started flexing around him. ”shit….”

"Fuck, yes come for me baby… That’s it….." Even though I was on top he took control back, rocking my hips against his. My stomach tightened and my eyes squeezed shut as I came but he didn’t stop. He settled my hips but he kept circling my clit making my body jerk from how sensitive I was at this point.

"Harry- baby fuck…oh-" he pulled me off of his lap making me stand up even though my legs felt shaky. I didn’t even think I could stand.

Wrapping his arm around my waist he swung us around pressing my face to the wall as he got behind me. I turned my head licking up his jawline as he slid back in. Slamming into hard as I kissed the hinge of his jaw.

Using my arms to support me against the wall as he continued rolling his hips against mine. Pulling out half way and slamming right back in.

I could tell just but the way his muscles were tensing that he was close “fuck you feel soo good baby…oh my god… You gonna come for me baby? Hmmm… God your soo big…”

I breathed out against his neck and he growled low against my skin “fuck…oh my-”He breathed out against my hair and I rolled my hips back against him and he gripped my waist tighter burying his face against the back of my neck as he came. Hard.

 Once he came he didn’t stop…he kept rocking his hips against mine, triggering my 3rd or fourth one and my entire body shook. “oh my-” I couldn’t even breathe as he joined his hand to my clit again.

"That’s it Mia! Keep coming, for me…baby…come on…scream for me baby, don’t hold back.”

I felt like my voice was gone, and my chest felt heavy, feeling like my body was about to cave in, my legs gave out and he gripped my waist tighter so I wouldn’t fall.

My entire body was shaking at this point “breathe….breathe baby…” He moved my hair to the side and kissed down the side of my neck as my body finally came down.

“Oh my god…” I breathed out almost in disbelief as to what just happened and I heard him laugh against like skin…. “Told you I could handle you love…”

He massaged my thigh, pulling my dress back down before spinning me around to face him, gripping the back of my neck, kissing me beep, strong. “I need to get back work…”  I moaned out against his tongue as he squeezed down on my ass.

I tucked him, back into his jeans and he growled from the restriction they were causing.

“Mmmm…you sure you’re up for that?” He licked his lips and smirked down at me…knowing he wore me out!

“Not even remotely!” I laughed a little before pulling back “I need to get myself back together…Go….text me later if you want…” I moved my fingers up into his hair kissing him one more time. We both jumped when someone opened the door. It was one of the girls I worked with, but it wasn’t uncommon for people to hook up in here. So she turned her head acting like she didn’t even see us.

We both couldn’t help laugh, both getting red, and embarrassed but luckily we were dressed when she came in.

He kissed me one more time before he walked out of the room I knew we had fun, I knew I was attractive….but I also wasn’t stupid. He was a young popstar and I was a bartender, I kinda prepared myself for the fact that I’d probably never talk to him again….and I was okay with that. We had fun, and it is what it is at this point.

I continued my shift…we stayed busy all the way until close….I went upstairs to check my phone before we started cleaning…only to find a text…

“Go home and get some sleep….text me when you get off tonight…maybe we can go get dinner or something…:)”









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